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The Happiness Myths That Make Us Miserable

by Mopsy Meirelles 2 years ago in happiness
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What Are Limiting Beliefs? Hold you back from making different choices in your life. Keep you from seeing the different opportunities presented to you each day. Prevent you from seeing you own gifts or accepting the gifts offered to you, or Keep you stuck focusing on the negative aspect of your circumstances.

What are the negative effects of limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs can have a number of negative effects on you. They could keep you from making good choices, taking new opportunities, or reaching your potential. Ultimately, limiting beliefs can keep you stuck in a negative state of mind and hinder you from living the life you truly desire. Causes of Limiting Beliefs.

Sometimes you don't know how to get out of this limiting belief in many ways in life. Sometimes you believe in something, what you have as truth in your head and what you think and what you will create for yourself. This is natural and spontaneous.

"I think and it happens".

If you think you deserve to be treated badly this will be your belief. WHEN people treat you well you will not receive that well, but if people treat you badly you will have it as normal.

If in order to have money you think you need to steal, then for you possibly that working honestly will have a hard time gathering money, hardly money will be prosperous in your life.

If you understand that affective love relationships are always turned to betrayal and conflict, then when you are with someone you will be suspicious there will be excessive jealousy, always things that lead to project your belief. question for you .

Are you someone who is used to bad things? with bad news? Are you surprised when something good happens?

When something goes wrong and (you even talk jokingly) Wow, it just happens to me!

But this is a belief and a statement!

The person is so rooted within him that it will happen that when it happens the person is not surprised and as if he is relieved because it happened or if a good thing happens at the same time you even jokingly say: ahhhh a good thing happened another bad thing will come along! This is too good to be true!

belief upon belief.

People who are used to bad things to come.

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you .”

This becomes conditioned to live negative and when something good happens the person does not know how to receive it.

How do you break this cycle?

That is an exercise.

You need to recognize that there is this conditioning in you.

Talk to you often, that it is not like that, that you deserve more.

what you can't think is normal that you have to suffer forever!

you can't think it's normal that you're unhappy!

Normal for you and be accomplished, and everything goes well, things happen positively, and when something bad happens you have to stop, analyze and see how you get out of this situation because that is not your reality.

The bad thing is not your reality, when you are used to something bad you stay with it for a long time, when its uncomfortable for you, you have to act fast.

“You never fail until you stop trying ”


About the author

Mopsy Meirelles

My name is Michelle a descendant of gypsy family I traveled to almost 85 countries and lived in 10 different countries.As I come from a long journey one of my new passions is to write about the behavior and emotions around the world.

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