The Day After.

Wildfires and blessings.

The Day After.
The South.

I am sitting here reflecting on a new year that has just begun. It’s now 2020 and 2019 is long gone....What will the new year bring?

The State is alight with wildfires at the moment and will be for awhile? Yet just as the Southerly of yesterday disappeared so too will the wildfires?

Everything takes time, sometimes too much time! Yet, in the midst of all the chaos and violence and confusion wildfires bring there are moments of clarity. In the midst and at the height of the Wind from the South there was a wading bird on the shoreline just going about it’s business and getting something to eat. Events like this bring everything into focus, even in the eye of the Southerly and the Wildfires there is a sense of peace , calm and tranquility to be found. It’s there to be found if one looks hard enough?

The State is burning with Wildfires and in the midst of it there is hope of new life and recreation. Life is constantly being made. Change happens, sometimes in hard , difficult and strange ways. The land is groaning and heaving. What will 2020 herald in this Great Southland of Australia?

The light on this day had turned an eerie dark black. It was like the darkness of the nightmares was trying to invade the calmness of the daylight. However, the wading bird had a pointer to the heralding of some real hope coming out of the darkness that had come upon the Basin?

One could also see some lovely and wonderful drops and spots of rain as it had fallen upon the windows of the holiday house. I felt a great sigh of relief escape from my own lungs. It might well be that there would be more and more precious drops of rain that would fall upon the lands of the Great Southland? Would 2020 even herald an end to punishing and seemingly endless drought that had enveloped the land. One could only hope and pray it was! Suddenly again hope had sprung out of nowhere!

In the end , it is the seemingly simple things which give a glimmer, even the smallest glimmer of hope in this Great Southland. Without any form of hope, even the smallest hope, the people faint and perish? It is an amazing and wonderful thing that even the sight of a small wading bird and little spots of rain on a window pane can do for you?

Their saying on the news there is still worse to come? Yet, in the very face of this bad news , I will hold fast to my own glimmers of hope of better and brighter days ahead. The birds and the tiny spots of raindrops on a window pane speak for themselves. They offer the very real hope, just a crack of light and tiny glimmer of hope and at times that’s all you need to survive another second, day, a week, a month and of course another year and even decades.

The day after, there always seems to be a day after the event or is after the fact? In the face of the bad news which keeps coming I will in the face of it hang onto my own glimmers of hope? The wading bird coming during the Southerly in search for food. The spots and drops of rain on the window pane. There must be more and more rain on the way? At least in this case there is a glimmer of hope? Hope doesn’t disappoint.... There is rain that is coming, yet, the question remains will it be enough to put the wildfires out? That’s the question on everybody’s lips, minds, thoughts and even hearts.

Rain will come, in the end, it always comes and yet the question that hangs unoticed in the very air , will it be enough to once again restore ‘normality’? Can life ever be the same again ? Or do we as a people change and grow and develop? 2020 is the newly minted year, the old year, 2019 has long gone but the question remains what will 2020 hold for us as a nation, community and society?

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