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The Dash - The Thing We All Share.

by Jason Morton 20 days ago in goals

So What Are You Doing With Yours?

2007 to 2021 or, putting it differently, 2007 - 2021. It's the dash that is consistent. The dash signifies the common denominator in a world so divided. Black, Yellow, White, doesn't matter what your color, beliefs, religions, or sexual preferences are. It doesn't matter how beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, or lucky you think you are. There's a dash for everything.

I remember hearing the dash. It was not something I ever expected I would hear. The dash doesn't make a sound. We don't read it as "dash" or put syllables to it like we do everything else. When you look at it, you may not hear it speaking to you...fortunately for you. When I see it, I hear the wisdom it holds. I first heard it from a preacher, performing a service. It served as a reminder that the dash is more significant than we think. For, the dash we are all branded with starts at that first breath.

While we continue to breathe, we will see many a dash in our lives. Our first really significant dash after that first breath will come when we start school. We won't learn yet what it means, but as we start to live our primary dash, we'll attend school from year - year. Along that road, we make friends, learn new things, see new sites and discover new sounds. Oh my, what wonders that dash will bring. As children, we all want to play and have fun. It isn't until we are adults that we understand the importance of what we do with every single dash along our primary paths. That is after all the dash that started from birth. It is the representation of our primary paths. Perhaps that is why it is used on so many other things. The dash is a representation of our legacies.

We'll remember college, our years in attendance, by the two numbers with a dash in between them. Milestones in life, how long we drove our favorite car, the even the places we go by the days they are opened, and the typical work week, Monday - Friday, are remembered with a dash.

Sometimes our dash feels more like a broken line, a twisting path, or a bumpy road. It's what we all have to go through as we travel from the start of our dash to the end. Hard times will come along with traveling that dash. It's how I learned of its significance. The fact is, I learned how important that spot between dates really was because of the hardest of things I've ever had to do. A "favor", it was called, when I was first asked to assure something went a certain way. Just a year later, after signing a paper, making sure the machine was turned off and we let my mom go, I would learn about the dash at her funeral.

1972 - present, it's where my dash stands at, with no idea what present will be replaced with. If you're reading this, your dash is the same. Two sets of numbers and that simple little dash is what we all become someday. Yet, it's the dash that tells our story. That spot in the middle. What did we do with that time we had? What did we do with our dash?

Dreamers, hopefully, tried to fulfill those dreams. Some, reached for the stars and others went to the stars. In a world filled with wonder, some traveled around the world seeing a lot of wonderful sights to behold. Others raised their families, watched their daughters and sons as their dash unfolds. For them, their legacy is their childrens' stories more than theirs as they grew old.

The dash has not always been used to do good. Many dashes along the way are measuring the time one spends locked up, start - parole. We've seen the dash on wars and conflicts around the globe. WWII had one, 1939 -1945, and the Afghan Conflict has one like mine, 2001 - present. The dash is like a question mark, making you wonder what happened between the two dates. What were their stories?

When you think of your dash, think long and hard. What will be the story people remember about you? Did you leave your mark behind? Did you do the most you could with your time? In the X-Men, Halle Berry says something at Xavier's funeral, that sticks out in my mind. Have no regrets, chase every dream, try to leave the world a better place, even if it's by having an effect on just one other life as you go along the way. Because it's better to have tried and failed than not tried...Halles' eloquent statement, albeit a move script, makes me think of that.

"It seems it's the destiny of great men to see their goals unfilfilled."

Ororo Munroe

I've lived my dash, I have lived it as much as I could. I've lived it in a way that there's little I haven't seen, and a whole lot more that I should. I've seen life's ups and downs, always trying everything I wanted to try. We'll all regret not taking chances when it's the end of our dash. So I'm going to take as many as I can before I eventually die. Don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to fall. It's how we all learn. Getting back up, getting on that horse again, being willing to love again, learning new skills again, will show the world the character inside you. We all suffer from being flawed human beings because none of us are perfect. What should unite us, is the fact that we all have...The Dash.

Jason Morton
Jason Morton
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Jason Morton

I have spent a life in uniform, adventuring through this muddled-up world as time passed. I've lived, loved, fallen on my face only to try again. Now, as I get older, my only regret was not writing it down. It's time to start.

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