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The 10 most influential books in history

Best influential books

By Muhiuddin AlamPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
The 10 most influential books in history
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We are talking about The 10 most influential books in history | Best influential books. These Best Influential Books are a great influence. "The 10 most influential books in history" refers to the top ten selected in 2000 based on a poll of 100,000 readers across hundreds of cities across Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia, and Africa organized by the New York Times and Reader’s Digest in the United States.

This is a classic novel. These 10 most influential books in history represent the most influential masters of world literature from Britain, France, Russia, and the United States.

The following editor of "Reading and Thinking" will take you to know the ten most influential and best-selling world-famous books, let’s take a look!

The 10 most influential books in history | Best influential books

Table Of Contents

1. War and Peace

2. Jane Eyre

3. Anna Karenina

4. The Red and the Black

5. Wuthering Heights

6. David Copperfield

7. Madame Bovary

8. Hamlet

9. Notre Dame de Paris

10. Crime and Punishment

11. Les Miserables

1. War and Peace

by Leo Tolstoy

"War and Peace" is known as one of the "Greatest Novels in the World". The novel was published in 1865. Once it was published, it caused great repercussions. The issue of "War" and "Peace" was always a problem in society at that time.

Hot topics, Tolstoy, through the description of a large area of characters, psychological activities, real scenes, and storylines, truly showed the atmosphere and life scenes of the entire Russian society at that time. The strong scenes are vast, yet meticulous, with clear thinking and concise.

They are all the most famous books of all time worth reading in terms of literature and influence. War and Peace is the first novel with all-European significance in the history of Russian literature. It is unique. It takes the artistic theme of epic poetry to the extreme, so it can be the most important book in history.

"When we do not understand the cause of an act (whether it is a crime or a good act, or an act that does not matter whether it is good or evil), we think that this kind of activity has the greatest free component. If what we see is a crime, we are anxious to punish it. If we see good deeds, we appreciate it. If what we see is an act that does not care about good or evil, we consider it the most unique and free. But if we know one of the countless reasons, we will see a certain degree of necessity. We will not insist on punishing crimes so much, appreciate good deeds so much, and feel so free about seemingly unique behaviors."—— Quoting from page 1228.

2. Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

"Jane Eyre" is the representative work of the famous British female writer Charlotte Bronte in the 19th century. It shocked the literary world and became a sensation. It has been a hundred years and has lasted for a long time.

"Jane Eyre" is a literary work with an autobiographical nature, and is a "poetic life portrayal" of the author Charlotte Bronte. It describes the touching story of the heroine Jane Eyre daring to fight against the world and bravely pursuing her own dignity and love.

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It has deeply affected countless people, especially female friends who pursue independence, equality, and dignity, and regard it as herself, Mentor, and helpful friend.

"Life is too short for me to hold grudges. In this world, everyone must be at fault. But I believe that one day soon, we will get rid of our corrupt bodies and we will get rid of these faults. Fall and sin will leave us with cumbersome flesh and blood, leaving only the spark of spirit. This is the source of life and thought, just as pure as when it left the Creator and gave life to it. Where it came from and where it went, perhaps it sneaked into a creature higher than human beings; perhaps it passed through various levels of glory, first illuminating the pale soul of human beings, and then illuminating the seraph."—— Quoted from page 56

3. Anna Karenina

by Leo Tolstoy

"Anna Karenina" is the most important book to read by the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The protagonist Anna Karenina in the book is one of the most moving images of women in Russian literature and the most beautiful in the history of world literature. One of the plump female images.

The novel is composed of two parallel lines: one is Anna’s tragedy in pursuit of love and happiness. She doesn’t love her lifeless bureaucratic husband Karenin at all, and she falls in love with the suave young military officer Volensky at first sight and he ran away from home, so Despised by the upper class, they had a relationship crisis with Volinsky, and finally committed suicide in complete despair.

This exposes the hypocrisy, coldness, and corruption of the Russian upper-class society in the 19th century; the other is that the landlord of the province, Levin, has gone through various ups and downs and finally established a happy family with his beloved aristocratic lady Ji Di, as well as his economic reforms in the face of rural bankruptcy.

"This is what I want to say to you. Women---this is a big stumbling block in a man's career. It is difficult to fall in love with a woman and to do a career. It is necessary to avoid obstacles and love one as you want. For women, there is only one way to get married. How can I tell you what I think? "Sepkhovskoy, who loves metaphors, said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, there is it, it's like carrying it on your back I have baggage, but I have to free my hands to work. The only way is to tie the baggage to my back. This is marriage. I have this experience when I get married. My hands are freed up all at once. But if I don’t get married With such a burden on your back, you won’t be able to free up one of your hands, and you can’t do anything.”—— Quoted from page 302.

4. The Red and the Black

by Stendhal

The novel "Red and Black" was hailed as critical literature of European realism, and when it was published, it caused a great sensation in the capitalist society at that time. The book’s words are sharp, profound, thought-provoking, and the plot is ups and downs.

Although it uses the two love stories of the protagonist Julian as the main clue, it is actually a "political novel". In 1986, the French "Reading" magazine recommended him as one of his ideal collections.

Through this literary image of Julien, on the one hand, it describes the panic of the nobility and the middle and small bourgeoisie under the impact of the people’s revolution on the eve of the July Revolution in France; on the other hand, it also portrays a personal careerist who appeared in the drastic social changes

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The artistic image beautifies the view of life and happiness of the bourgeoisie. The structure of the novel is rigorous and well-proportioned, the language is concise and fluent, and the character image and character are closely connected with the environment.

It is good at revealing the inner conflicts and momentary changes of the characters' thoughts and feelings, so as to highlight the personality characteristics of the people. This is the biggest artistic feature of the book.

5. Wuthering Heights

by Emily Bronte

"Wuthering Heights" is the most famous book of Emily Bronte, one of the famous "Bronte Three Sisters" in the history of English literature. The book tells a romantic and tangled love and revenge story.

Through such a complicated and thrilling love tragedy, "Wuthering Heights" shows the world a picture of life in a deformed society, and outlines the horror of human nature that has been distorted in this deformed society.

"Wuthering Heights" is a great literary work, known as "the most peculiar novel".

A man who loved to the extreme made crazy behavior. He killed people with "love", but also committed suicide with love. After Catherine's life and death, he lived in pain. When Catherine was dead, he used words to stab her.

However, Heathcliff suffered two injuries, his own and Catherine's. I admire the man who is so affectionate. Although he was a bit perverted and cruel, he couldn't hate him. Full of sympathy for him. Even very moved by his crazy love. Relatively speaking, Catherine is too selfish. She loves Heathcliff and married wealthy London.

It can be said that a large part of the tragedies of Wuthering Heights and Thrush Grange was caused by her own hands. Heathcliff is crazy. But very charming. Of course, London is also a good husband. It's just a bit stupid. Catherine: She is bad, she is selfish, but her obsession with love makes her exude the mixed charm of good women and bad women.

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