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Take That Nap!!

It's your birthright

By Monet GrahamPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Take That Nap!!
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I have declared that next year I will slow down. I will take deep breaths and focus on clearing my mind. I will pause before I react to people or circumstances. I will put me first! This is just the tip of the ice burg for my New Year's Sleep Resolutions.

A month ago I left my job. My worth wasn't being acknowledged and that was the crucial first step in taking control back over my life. No longer being on a 8-5 schedule, I have the freedom to work 3 in the morning or 10 at night if I so please. This has created a sense of freedom for me as I know in any circumstance you will have to work hard for money (meaning put efforts into becoming successful, money doesn't just land on your lap), but now I am in charge of when I decide to put in all that work.

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I believe everyone should listen to their bodies in terms of if they are overworking themselves or need a break. I too enjoy my 24 hr days where I am up, energized and full of aspiration to get tasks done. However, I cannot do 24 hr days too often. Too much of no sleep slowly breaks down your body where you will be forced to shut down and rest. I try to avoid that point, I work until I feel a "nap sensation" come over me. May sound strange, but let me explain a little bit further.

I firmly believe that if you are working from home or your own boss you should be doing something you love!! If not, then what's the purpose? So with that said...

Working no longer feels like a chore. Most times work is fun, and relaxing. I've recently added art to my portfolio, so the knowing I get paid to create in multiple ways is refreshing and sort of an adventure! If I feel inclined to draw something I draw, to do editing then I'll edit. When my body says calm down you need a break (take a nap,meditate)... I listen. After I am done recharging, I get back to "work". That's my rule. Don't get too caught up in the freedom of my time that I don't focus on what's really important and what I need to do to provide for my son and I.

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So my resolutions for the next year will include how to organize my remaining to do list tasks after I am finished resting. I want to continue to use my calendars and planners to make sure I make the most of each day. However, I will need to increase my daily self love talks I give to myself ensuring I do not feel apologetic about why I needed to pause. Or why my brain feels like it's over eating on knowledge. Since I suffer from intense headaches or sometimes migraines I don't fight my body anymore. We all need breaks.

I'm human, you're human (at least I do hope so lol), and needing time for yourself is normal. I watched a video not long ago, where a lady stated she is a anti-napper. She literally said she hates naps and thinks it's one of the laziest things you can do!? Now, what's funny about this were the words that came out of her mouth immediately right after. She is currently pregnant and even she had to admit that she had to "give in to her body" and started taking naps with this pregnancy, which she did not experience with her first baby.

Now, it's a well known fact that overworking yourself can lead to wearing down your body, getting sick, high anxiety or even worse...depression.

Now, ask yourself this. Is not taking a nap worth it?

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