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Swept Away

It's only Natural to Love

By EyekayPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
Storm Tossed Treasures

    Yesterday, the rain poured relentlessly, giving me a good excuse not to walk. I decided to surrender to the weather's whims with the mindset of discovery. So, I prepared myself with warm clothing, waterproof shoes, and an extra-large umbrella. As I stepped outside, the wind waged a fierce battle against my oversized canopy, turning our journey into a synchronized dance of nature's elements and my own determination.

Despite the chaos, the scenery was breathtaking, as if nature had applied a gentle filter to her wintry canvas. The contrast between the vivid red berries of winter and the delicate sprouts of spring evoked a sense of transition, akin to the passing of a crown from one Miss Universe to another. Amidst the beauty, signs of destruction littered the landscape – broken branches, torn bark, and cascading rivulets of rainwater.

Moved by the resilience of nature, I collected some remnants of the storm – eucalyptus branches, silver wattle, branches with rowanberries – and brought them home. I transformed the reluctance of coming indoors by placing the treasures in two large vases, thereby extending indoor space with the memory of that invigorating walk.

Today, I found solace in a leisurely drawing class led by the giving artist Amy Maricle. She teaches slow and mindful drawing in a most relaxing manner. Using watercolor brushes and pigments, she demonstrated a sketch she called "the waving," inviting us to explore the fluidity of our paint brush strokes and what may come out them. Such generous sharing of knowledge can only come out of love for humanity

With excitement of something unknown clinging to my fingertips, I reached for a scrap of paper and the remnants of pigment on my palette. Without hesitation, I surrendered to the urge to create. Inspired by the resilience of the storm-tossed vase, I allowed myself to venture beyond the confines of the lesson. Each brushstroke became a declaration of freedom, a testament to love's power to liberate and inspire.

Dabbing the brush into the water, I watched as the colors bloomed and mingled on the paper. With each stroke, I dared to experiment, to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. The paper became a canvas for my exploration, absorbing the fluid dance of water, color, glaze, and wash.

As I surveyed the result, a sense of possibility dawned upon me. Perhaps this creation, born from spontaneity and intuition, could find its place alongside the storm-swept remnants in the vase. In this convergence of nature's chaos and my artistic interpretation, I glimpsed truth, beauty, and my art. This is how I add to the nature's bouquet resting in a vase on the kitchen island.

I embraced the authenticity of my expression without the confines of feeling like an imposter artist. For in this act of creation, I discovered the universal truth that beauty is not confined to perfection. It emerges from the depths of vulnerability, intuition, and self-discovery, and this realization is birthed by swimming through the chaotic ebbs and creative flows. Pushing out the critics and naysayers, I begin to create with love.

Love is artistic expression, that willingness to push beyond the lesson. For me, the act is a manifestation of truth and beauty, woven into the fabric of existence. It is respecting the self as a part of nature. Love is a reminder of the boundless abundance of the universe and the profound connection we share as human beings.

True artistry lies not in perfection, but in the willingness to embrace vulnerability and take creative risks. It's about allowing oneself to be swept away by the flow of inspiration and finding beauty in the process. Creating art without judgment is a manifestation of love – a celebration of truth, beauty, and the interconnectedness of all things. It is a reminder that, in the dance of creation, we are both the artist and the masterpiece, each stroke an expression of our boundless capacity to love and be loved.


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I write because I must. I believe each one of us has the ability to propel humanity forward.

And yes, especially in these moments, Schadenfreude must not rule the web.

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  • Meera Dimba2 months ago

    I liked your comment. You don’t have to seek perfection because happiness is a manifestation of people’s creativity. In order to love yourself and love others, one must explore creativity, since happiness cannot be bought. Your ability to create a bouquet from the nature around evokes the appreciation to see the beauty of our surroundings. Simple things around us remind us of love, happiness, and laughter.

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