Summer through the window...

by Emily 13 days ago in healing

Feels like since this pandemic started we lost months and the whole summer by a blink of an eye...

Summer through the window...
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We all have been in the exact same shoes in the last 8ish months. No matter where you are, you are dealing with the uncomfortable circumstances of the Corona virus. I`m not just talking about not being able to going to the major music festivals or travel around the world, but I mean the change of seasons. This whole global pandemic started in March and this is the end of October now. I feel like the good weather and the summer in general just passed us and we were only allowed to watch it through the window. You know, it comes, stays and goes every year, but this time we pretty much skipped the "stay" portion. Came and left, and we are just blinking in surprise, wondering what just happened...

But I guess this is not the only thing that passed us this year without noticing it. Most of our New Year resolution did the same. We got so ready for them in the end of 2019 and we were so pumped that 2020 will be our year, then we got started... aaaaaand then nothing worked out the way we expected. When I say nothing, I mean NOTHING AT ALL. We tried to save as much we could, tried to grab onto as many possibilities in our favour, but it started to slip away really quick. Then we got hit by the pandemic and many of us re-evaluated our circumstances, jobs and lives in general. Some of us realised, "Daaaaang, I screwed up big time!" and with that, we started face palming ourselves. You know what I'm talking about, it's maybe you or someone you know, but whoever it is, you know I'm right. Now that things are starting to move towards back to normal, we have to decide where do we want to go?! Some of us might want to catch up on summer vacation, some of us trying to decide if we want to continue working in the job we used to or rather we want to start over.

As we were watching the seasonal changes through the window, they brought some more permanent changing feelings in us as well. Some felt comfortable where they were, but most of us weren't. So, if 4 months of staying home wasn't enough to think about what we want in the future, than nothing. I'm not saying, we actually figured it all out, really doubt it, but we at least thought about it. As they say, thought prompts desire, desire prompts action, action prompts habits, habits prompt change of lifestyle, and change of lifestyle prompts a better future. So today it's just a dream of having a better future, or having a more stable job, down the road it's a different life, a better future.

So let's start dreaming, let's start hoping and let`s start doing something about it. Something that is unreachable today, it might get closer tomorrow. I totally sound like a motivational speaker, huh?! But I`m way far from that, I could totally tell this to myself as well. I have dreams and hopes, I was never able to reach or look up enough to see them. I have a job I loved and dreamed about since I was a child, but as a child I never thought that it wouldn`t pay the bills. I love my job tho. :)

I always wanted to write and I wanted people to read it. I stared writing, but barely anyone reads it. It wasn`t exactly how I imagined or how I hoped for, but at least I did it. If what they say really works, maybe one day, what I write will be read by many. We will see.

But my laptop is full of my not yet started hopes, dreams and potentials. Will they ever be started?! Nobody knows.

But you out there, be better than me, work for what you believe in and be the best of you. Start that business you have been talking about for years, take that course you were always interested in, pick up that hobby you always wanted. Start it small, and see it eventually grow. Give it a chance and don`t let it die just because of the "what if-s". Let`s see what good can we become and let surprise even ourselves.

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