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Starting a New Chapter of My Life

by Hamish MacColl 4 years ago in advice

And Embracing It!

The world is falling apart!

Political division, racism, terrorism, starvation, and poverty.

And our Prime Minister has the audacity to be pregnant!

Oh, such horror. Such travesty.

And to top all the tragedies and horrors of the world, I’m starting a brand new chapter in my life. The most crucial, exciting, and terrifying one yet.

I start University.

And right now, the thoughts tumbling through my head are chaotic.

How will I change?

Who will I become?

What will I do with my life?

Right now, I’m kind of scared witless about what will happen next. I mean, compared to poverty, race riots, disease, and death, what could be more important than me and my life?

Obviously, nothing.

In all honesty, I realise that I’m a small speck on this planet of intertwining lives, loves, and hates, its stories and tales all interconnected and impacting one another.

But right now, I feel alone. I feel like the decisions I make will matter. Because they will. Maybe only to me, but this is a large step. A different step. Something that I haven’t done before; an entirely new segment of my life.

You’re taking this step too.

Or you’re about to.

Do you feel fearful of the future? Or excited about all the possibilities?


Damn right.

Maybe you're not starting University. Maybe you've already gone through it. Your new chapter can be anything—a new relationship, a new marriage or baby. A new career.

Or, maybe instead of something new, something old has been taken away. A death in a family? A friend?

New Chapters aren't always good. Many new beginnings are terrifying, disheartening, upsetting, or just difficult.

I understand.

All through my life, I have been safe and protected within the structured environment of home and school. For the first time, I’m striking out. Doing something on my own. I have no clue about what’s coming next!

But that excites me. That nervousness in my stomach at the thought of starting this new part of my existence is being fiercely overpowered by a childish giddiness at the thought of all the new experiences I’ll have in the next few years!

I’m a little apprehensive about the changes that will come. However, I’m intrigued about what the University of Auckland can offer me, how it can change my life and put me on a path to a destiny I couldn’t even conceive of.

I step into the unknown, the fresh, the unseen.

And I am excited!

Embrace this new chapter of your life!

Whether it fills you with frustration, or joy, or love, or sorrow. Stand and face it. Realise that with this New Chapter comes new beginnings, new adventures. There is hope for more, for something greater than what you had before.

Maybe your last relationship was abusive?

Maybe your old job worked you to the bone so that you lost all passion for life?

Or, maybe your best friend died and your life went from safe and warm to cold in a matter of moments.

This new turn in life won't break you.

University won't ruin me, and whatever you're going through. You'll come out the other side.



A wiser version of you.

We're scared, you and I together. Hell, this is the greatest leap in my life. It isn't a step, it isn't a little jump. It is a leap. A giant one.

This New Chapter could potentially drive the rest of my life. My direction, where I am going, who I am going to become.

What about yours?

Who will you become?

Who do you want to be? Who do you fear you could be?

Will you take this journey with me, as we both strive through our respective New Chapters?

The answer to that is "yes," by the way. You will succeed.

We will overcome every obstacle and we will begin these New Chapters together.

And then the next.

Today we begin.

Tomorrow we are victorious.


Hamish MacColl

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