So You Want to Change the World?

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Start small.

So You Want to Change the World?

When we think of changing the world, our mind instantly is drawn towards these main ideas;

  • End world poverty.
  • End global warming.
  • Feed the hungry.
  • Help the poor.
  • Bring world peace.
And well...
  • You can’t end world poverty.
  • You can’t can’t end global warming.
  • You can feed everyone who’s hungry.
  • You can’t help everyone who’s poor.
  • You can ensure the world is peaceful.

So what can you do?

Next time you’re at the bus stop, don’t look across the line and label her a whore because of the shirt she is wearing.

Next time you see an empty bottle on the ground, pick it up and put it in the next garbage bin you pass.

Next time your friends are making fun of that one girl they all hate, try and stay quiet. Don’t judge them for judging, just simply stay silent.

Next time you think of why you hate her, maybe think of the power of forgiveness. See her perspective instead of just your own.

Next time you come across a bug on the ground, don’t feel obligated to step on it. Just let it pass by.

Next time you see him sitting alone in the hall, smile at him instead of passing by with your head down.

Next time you brush your teeth, turn the water off instead of letting it run.

Next time you see your mother, tell her you love her and show her your appreciation.

Next time you see shoes you like on the girl across from you, tell her.

Next time you make a mistake, own it. Apologize and understand what you’ve done. Learn from it.

Next time you catch yourself wanting to skip class, don’t. Respect your privilege of being educated and be aware that others do not have this opportunity.

Next time you go to judge him for wearing the same shirt two days in a row, realize it might be one of the only shirts he has.

Changing the world starts small. You first must adapt to different perspectives to understand society. Judgment will only cloud your vision. To make an impactful difference, we must first start with the small things that will allow us to grow as people and one day make a mark on the world. It is these small actions that will slowly make us better people, and allow us to make small impacts here and there that will then lead to a better world. As people, we are naturally selfish. It’s a character trait everyone possesses. It is simply human nature. We want the best for ourselves and use judgement to comfort ourselves when we feel insecure.

We judge others by the way they look, and allow this judgement to scale them on a hierarchy in society that subliminally exists. We allow numbers to define a persons success, instead of happinesses. We give numbers more value then love and human connection. We initially assume the worst in people, until we are proved otherwise. Judgement is a direct reflection of ourselves and our own lives. We judge others to feel more at peace with ourselves. Once we become more accepting and at peace with ourselves, we become more accepting and at peace with others. Once we find inner peace, our world becomes peaceful.

Breaking outside of these common mistakes will allow for selflessness, which is the first and most important step in changing the world. You must better yourself before you can better others.

When you leave this world, the only thing left of you is the impact you have made. So why not make a great one? Changing the world can start today.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

Kenzie Edge
Kenzie Edge
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