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She's Into Silence

by Adrian Chambliss 2 years ago in advice
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Candy for the Head

She's Into Silence
Photo by Marina Khrapova on Unsplash

If you would, imagine a world with no one on it but you. Could be as big as our moon, or the moon itself, and there you are with a terraformed lawn and an anti-space dome to keep all that oxygen those trees are giving you. It's great we upgraded our technological advances for this scenario, because space droids go and find frozen water in the cosmos to keep you in fresh supply, minus the radiation and possible lifeforms. So it's just you, your home, and silence. Does that scare you? Knowing all the sounds you hear are your own could be jarring. I personally find it uncomfortable, in a good way. Part because I know I'll always be on the "lookout" for any indication that I'm indeed NOT alone, and other part: I'd be completely satisfied being judgeless for x amount of time.

Sometimes, I find moments of silence to be my secret addiction. I have many racing thoughts that overwhelm me at times and any chance I have to tune out the universe, I take graciously. Sometimes we have thoughts that we know the whole world can't relate to, so we find our moment to confide in ourselves or whomever our inhibitions. Maybe the common noise is just too much to gain control over, so we retreat into our homes and surround ourselves in whatever shields us from our invading mind wizard attacks. We don't often need a reason to recede, as long as we're willing to come to the shore as waves and not tsunamis. Pull back too far and you may lose yourself in the rush to catch up with your peers and loved ones, hitting them with fresh emotions they've had time to adjust to long ago.

For those of us who prefer to indulge in our senses, I often attempt to bring my home together with incense and music. As I like to say, "Music is the discussion we have with ourselves the most". Think about your favorite song of all time and compare it to a song that just hit your playlist. Do you think you like those songs for the same reasons, or is one the favorite because of the emotional attachment associated with it? Perhaps it's that song you danced to at prom, or a classic that was overplayed at your home growing up. Whatever your reasons, you cherish every words, play every instrument, and tell every soul to listen to it so they can at least share in the experience of what they may or may not realize is about the most intimate thing about you. Music has the unique double-edged benefit of being able to convey the "feeling" of something to an audience and send a personal message of comradery to every person that can relate. It's honestly one of the only reasons I'm ever a "fan" of any person; they make me "feel" good about some part of myself, if only for the feeling that maybe I'm not as alone as I felt this morning. So whenever you like a song, try thinking of it as your fun way of telling you things about you. Might make for some interesting discoveries.

Maybe you don't like the quiet for the same reasons I don't like the dark; it completely shuts out a sense I unconsciously rely on 24/7. Being engulfed in darkness, even when it's a small space, freaks me out because I feel like the space infinitely expands around me. I imagine being in an area I'm unfamiliar with, feeling around for some sign of safety. It's like I'm surrounded by acres of unknown in all directions. I can sense everything around me, but I can't identify it with sight, my "bread and butter" sense, so to speak. I believe if darkness or blindness would expand my surroundings to infinite, losing my hearing or being in total silence would shrink that world right down to my skin. Nothing outside my perspective is perceived, sounds are vibrations I feel, and I would know nothing until I see it. Both fates don't seem so bad after practice. If you were forced to be in either predicament, adapting would come somewhat naturally. The hidden strengths of the remaining senses outshine what we may perceive as a disability. As it would become the new norm, I'd like to think I'd get used to how things were and find a way to continue my journey as planned, somewhat.

Back in space, you're probably thinking about how rich you must be to afford a home isolated from the rest of the world, literally. Probably got a cool spaceship to fly back to Earth or wherever you want, really. For the moment, there's just you and everything that's you in the world. I wonder what music you're listening to, if there's any playing. Definitely Lo-Fi, right? I don't know, that might just be me. Maybe I'd want to orbit around the planet for a few days. See it all for how big or small it really is before Blue-Skiddo-ing back down pass the atmosphere. I don't think I ever wanna get away from the noise, but when I'm hanging out on PLANET THYNK (totally trademarked, so don't try it) I'm appreciating the distance from the internet, construction, and miscellaneous life challenges. Before I go back, I have a lot I need to work out on my own space, so I decided I'll go back once I'm back at 100%. My advice, however, is simple: take your time, even when you don't have a lot of it. Silence is my recreational drug, but whatever gets you in the zone costs time, so spend it wisely. As a lot of my friends would say, you can't take care of anyone if you can't take care of yourself. I hope this helps you out there and thanks for spending your time here. Until next time, friend.


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Adrian Chambliss

I'm a writer who enjoys studying different schools of thought, such as Philosophy, Theology, Sociology, and Psychology.

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