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Seriously Silly

by Crystal Rickman about a year ago in happiness

A serious question

About 8 years ago we took a family vacation to Gulf Shores Alabama. On our beach days I didn’t really get into the ocean. I told myself I didn’t like it. That I just loved the sand and being “on” the ocean just not “in” it.

I happily sat, read and kept a close eye on my kids.They were having a blast being silly and playing in the water. And when asked I would say “yes” to getting in the water, but never too far out. Can’t get my hair wet or even get water on my contacts. This my friends is pretty ironic because I am almost 6 ft tall so I would have had to tread quite a ways out there before either would have come about.

I honestly enjoyed being on the beach listening to them play and enjoying the sun. I was content to stay on the shore eating,drinking and acting like a normal mom.I mean come on I was 36 years old, no silliness was needed for a good time. Just a great fruity drink and a good dirty novel.

Fast forward to summer of 2020. I’m on a vacation in Galveston with my daughter and best friend at the beach, this time enjoying my day with a seltzer beverage and a self help book. Yeah, times change. My daughter is 18 now so she, like her mother, is happy sitting and reading, but not my best friend Cortney. She has always been the more adventurous of the two of us so naturally she started trying to get me into the treacherous ocean. At first I protested.. I don’t like the ocean water!

Then I said not too far, contacts, hair etc. Same excuses, older me. But she slowly guided me out to the unknown water.

Now listen I am not afraid of the water, I have always been a good swimmer, I was afraid of being silly.

Silly I know!!!

But when that first wave knocked me over, I cracked up. Of course while I was checking that all my goods were covered and my cute cap with the Louis Vuitton patch didn’t fall I realized I was having a blast. I was laughing and enjoying the waves like I was a silly person.

See I feel like I have always been a pretty serious person. I mean I can speak sarcasm with the best of them, and I consider myself to be fun but never silly! Being silly meant being vulnerable and letting my guard down, exposing a side of me that was weak! Grown ups aren’t silly. Adults that read self help books don’t splash in the waves. We sip fancy cocktails or at least Seltzery Coronas with a hint of flavor and zero carbs. We wear spf 50 and hats to ensure we don’t get more sun spots or wrinkles.

But I’m learning everyday that being Silly is fun, that I can be silly and let my guard down, that I honestly don’t care what people think. Including the Uber serious part of myself. I can have a sarcastic side and a silly side! I can have as many sides as I want!

Is there a part of you that you don’t let out? A part of your personality that you are afraid of showing? I say screw it and let it fly... even for just a moment. Allowing yourself to open up to who you truly are gives you a sense of freedom that nothing else can. Once you get past that little moment the next moment comes easier and the next thing you know you’re playing in the ocean not just sitting on the beach.

Crystal Rickman
Crystal Rickman
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Crystal Rickman

Young 45 figuring life out. I love words and feel I can express myself best when they are written.

Starting over means taking chances so why not take a chance on putting my words out there... Hoping my honesty and openness can touch people.

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