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Secret Mechanism That Makes Your Life Feel Stuck

Why Do People Feel Suffocated Sometimes ?

By Kuntal ChakrabortyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Secret  Mechanism That Makes Your Life Feel Stuck
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Human beings have individual personality traits. We have emotions, liking, disliking, choices, and many other psychological attributes with us. We tend to look for varieties. Because our brain is wired the way to follow changes in everything. In this hard time, when everyone is scared about the new novel CORONA Virus and started living a different life in home confinement, our approach towards life has changed drastically. For safety purposes, companies started allowing their employees to work remotely from home. People now can work from their own residence and attend conferences virtually by taking part in web video conferences. But many people are still not happy with this new work style. Because they feel isolated and bored. Before, those same people had problems with office culture, office politics and being physically presence in their workplaces. But now, when they’re out of it they still are not happy with it.

DEPRESSION an invisible enemy at any phase of life: It’s a mental disorder that has a significant impact on mood, making the person continuously depressed or sad and loss of interest in daily activities. Affected people don’t function properly like they don’t talk, eat, feel motivated, or encouraged anyway. They feel helpless, hopeless, and don’t have any vision at all. They might lose appetite, energy level, concentration, and self-confidence. These behavioral and psychological changes could be so impactful and massive that it can lead to developing suicidal thoughts even in the human mind. It can be treated by a professional medical practitioner as well.

All Work, But No Result: This is the time also when we feel we are stuck by our time. In spite of giving efforts to achieve something, when we do not get the desired result, it makes us upset. We often end up being struggle stories that no one has any interest to hear. We feel unenergetic and lose our enthusiasm at that time. We get tired of trying to get success. But getting the taste of being successful in a particular field remains unreached. We start blaming our luck and think that we are about to get only what is pre-written in our fate. Still, we hope to do better and expect we will reach our goal someday. We trust that the desired result still awaits for us.

Comparing Yourself With Others: One of the major reasons to feel your life has stopped growing. This is the mindset of society. When you see someone is moving quite fast in his or her life, it becomes the cause of your sadness. People start comparing themselves with other successful people who are progressing in their life. We become again sad and start to feel our life is trapped. People believe everything is smooth on the other side of the river and all problems are just with them only. In that case, they start to find faults in other's life who are successful than them. This is so wrong to compare your situation with someone else. Each one is blessed with different capabilities and time never goes the same all the time. Staying positive is necessary. But we don't care that and feel we got stuck in life.

WHY THIS? Do you feel stuck in life sometimes like this?

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Because humans neither like doing repetitive things nor prefer to stay in the same situation for a long time. They require changes after sometimes. Doing the same thing every day over and over again affects their mood. They feel charmless, bored, and unproductive gradually. After sometimes, it can hamper health also as our mind has a direct impact on our health. So doing different things, breaking the known chained routine life after a period of time, actually keep ourselves away from being stuck with the known environment around us. Human habits can not accept anything that is monotonous. Because life itself is dynamic.

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