Once upon a time someone told me to write a book..

S U P R I S E D  I M  A L I V E

So apparently you can get paid for telling your stories.. Well there is probably a lot that I cant even put on here to begin, but we can try.. Surely I can keep you on the edge of your seat with internet friendly stories from the shady and unfriendly alleyways of Melbourne city, where the rain glistens on the blue cobblestones.

No I wont get all wanky like that, I will just tell you about some crazy shit that I have seen waltzing around this tricky beast of a place. Being allegedly involved in graffiti art, crime, trafficking contraband, all sorts of violence amongst drug dealing scum you can imagine I have a fair few tales up my sleeve worth slanging like little bags of dope. Ita get you high man, If only for the moments you spend reading it. I wasn't necessarily a bad kid nor young adult I just felt that there was something seriously wrong with the world, with all the corruption and what not. I felt it was complete bullshit I guess, like it owed me something.. I have long spent time correcting this behaviour and have learnt to be a lot more grateful but I dont regret the time I have spent.

Maybe if I was to do it again with the knowledge I have I would make better decisions, take a more constructive path but I honestly wasn't told any better.. By the time I was in my early 20's I had made much more money than I had ever seen my parents with and I suppose that alone made me feel empowered inevitably.. I do really like luxury, my mother did raise me to have good taste and I had to stay laced in the freshest garms I could get my hands on etc.

Since a teenager I have been surrounded by sordid shit. Armed robbers, killers, escorts, street prostitutes, drugs, dirty money, so much death it makes me sick.. Most recently the closest being the only girl I really ever loved and my partner of two years, the beautiful Jessica Sky who was cursed with the most wicked of families and bleakest surroundings but the most beautiful heart which unfortunately failed in the end. The deepest loss imaginable and still a very raw subject.

Throughout all of this I have managed to avoid prison. (Maybe not after I'm through with this shit!). I was almost incarcerated a few years ago now but it was around the time I was beginning to turn my life around and got accepted into studying a bachelor degree in business entertainment management which literally saved me from serving time and was almost a miracle.. Or maybe it was? This is after not having ANY sort of formal education in my life longer than 2 years. Although I did attend a high school which was more like a drop in youth centre, certainly many practices that are beyond rules of conduct in an education centre but if not for it I would have been terrorising the streets.

I am also a musician and run a clothing label.. Its been semi successful but I got some funny shit about the entertainment industry that I could get busy with too haha. Either way. This is my first entry.. Will see if it gets any views, I dunno if you can comment or what but will see.

As I have grown I have had a lot of time to think about all this stuff which almost feels like a past life already although there is certainly remains no matter where I look. I am still only a young man today with a lot to learn but I definitely know that anything worth anything in life takes hard work, time and consideration. The fast life can be lots of fun and it is without a doubt one of the most appealing route for many especially today I can tell you that very, VERY few make it out and I am incredibly lucky to be able to even begin to tell you any of these stories. The world does not owe you anything. If you live in the western world you probably have it pretty awesome, minus physically and sexually abusive scumbag elders which is something I didn't ever have to face. With all the sham and drudgery in this world, you can still make the small radius around you better place and people around you happier and that is the beginning to a better world for anyone. So as not to glamourize any of this shit. If I get enough interest, I guess I will continue to write.


Raymond Shaw.

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