Ride the Rollercoaster

by Diana Murray 5 months ago in happiness

By Diana Murray

Ride the Rollercoaster

I’ve been reading about “the time of the millennial” lately.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that we have already squeezed the last drops of any benefit from this new way of living.

I think for those who have actual lived life experiences from before this time, were understandably relieved to take a break from all the ups and downs that were a part of life.

I was one of those people for a good 10 years at least. However, at some point, I stopped feeing alive.

I felt like a zombie. I was not happy, but I didn’t know why!

Yet, I had no reason to feel unhappy or anxious either.

This feeling slowly increased, day after day, year after year, until I felt like a shell of the person I once was. Nothing I did could shake me out of my lethargy. Until I couldn’t take it any longer and I pulled the plug on the life I had so carefully created for myself.

I think the newer generation that is referred to as “millennials” may actually feel like this - all the time. Only, it’s all they’ve ever known. They don’t know anything different. So they can “tolerate” it.

For me, I did know how it felt to actually be ALIVE.

Feeling both highs and lows. When things were good, we enjoyed it to the fullest. When things were awful, we kept pushing through it, having faith that life would continue on and happy times would come again. We rested in between the ups and downs.

There was a sense of real meaning to life. That didn’t need to be created or manufactured.

People got to experience their full range of emotions, naturally.

I had to make the choice. I couldn’t continue on that way for a day longer.

I got back on the rollercoaster.

It was scary! but to be honest, I didn’t really have another choice. I was at the end of my rope.

I don’t think the universe or nature is going to allow any of us to get away with trying to rig the game for much longer anyway.

Many of the newer generation who have had life too easy, think they are untouchable. They’ve managed to sneak through pretty much unscathed. Why would they do anything differently?

We have accomplished the illusion that we have total control over everything.

Those of you who know that’s not true, my advice is to start remembering what it is to be alive, and start living.

The problem is, for me, ever since I’ve done that, I don’t know if anyone else is. I sometimes wonder if this is the land of the living dead. Is there life on this planet??

Distracting ourselves.

Trying to figure out how we are oppressed? Who is the most oppressed.

Who is the least oppressed? Who deserves to be oppressed now?

What is the reason for everyone’s hidden unhappiness and deep dissatisfaction? Lets figure out who is to blame so we can feel justified in our misery, that we can’t really attribute to anything. So we can unleash our repressed negative emotions. What rules can we create to ensure total safety for everyone?

We are trying to have it all. To take all the rights without any of the responsibility. All the benefits without any of the risks.

We are trying to very carefully and cleverly walk the line between “good” and “evil”, by not causing any (technical) harm and not doing any (actual) good. I think this is worse than wrong. I think it is fundamentally immoral.

We are all going to do wrong and make mistakes. We can’t avoid that fact. We can make excuses and deny it but actually, the right thing to do is to offset it, by doing good!

Someone once explained life to me using the example of a heart monitor. They said it shows very sharp peaks and valleys. Thats how we know the heart is working. That’s how we know there is life.

We know the heart is not working when the line is flat. That shows there is no life. When there is no heart beat, the person is dead.

If you remember a different time, when you actually felt your heart pounding out of excitement or fear - because you were alive and you didn’t assume it was a random panic attack, ask yourself if it was better than this?

Would you be willing to accept the bad times to also get to experience periods of real happiness?

Trying to walk the tight rope is tiring and really hard work, and for what?

No one can do it forever, and there’s only a huge fall to look forward to.

I’m choosing the rollercoaster. I hope others will join me!

Diana Murray
Diana Murray
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