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Queen Elizabeth and Me

a story of two women

By Traci E. Published about a year ago 4 min read
Queen Elizabeth and Me
Photo by Mark de Jong on Unsplash

The procession of the hearse travels the road escorted by her Guard. The coffin draped in a flag providing a place for her crown, orb and scepter. The trees they pass are showing the first hints of Fall as their leaves have begun to lose their color almost as if they too feel sadness at the loss of such a great woman and monarch.

Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest and the entire world watched as they have mourned the last days since her passing. Anyone under the age of seventy has not lived in a world without her on the throne. She took on a mantle that was not meant for her but she wore with grace and dignity.

Elizabeth was not destined to be queen. He uncle was king and she was a happy child playing along with her sister as a part of the royal family until love got in the way. He uncle fell in love with a divorced American woman and rather than giver her up, he gave up his crown. With his abdication his brother was crowned King and Elizabeth was thrust forward in the line of succession to a place as the heir to the throne. When her father died at a fairly young age, Elizabeth became Queen. A young woman in her twenties with two small children, she now was now the head of the British Empire.

A life she may have wanted or expected as a child was changed at the decision of her uncle. Her hopes of her youth were cut short at the death of her father. And yet she took it all in stride. Although I am sure there was frustration, fear and tears in private, she did not let it show to the world. For decades she provided hope and strength to an often weary world.

By the time I was born, Queen Elizabeth had been on the throne for over a decade. The world knew and loved her. She was smart, regal and personable. It was for this reason that my mother chose to make my middle name Elizabeth. It was this act that made the queen my idol and mentor, although both without her knowledge.

Even though I live in America and have yet to venture to England, I have always had a fascination with all thing British. I actually like British food. I am enthralled by the pomp and circumstance surrounding all major royal events be they weddings, funerals or bestowing of titles. I watch all the documentaries and news broadcasts. I really like British television.

But knowing the origin of my name has made me pay special attention to the Queen. I have learned all about her young life as well as her life as a monarch. I was sorry she had to go through the challenges with her children as well as her country. I gained strength from her words after 9/11. I laughed when she made quips to the press or world leaders.

Having such a name, I have felt a sense of obligation to live my life a certain way. In no way have I ever wished to disgrace Her Majesty and her gift of allowing me to share her name.

Now, as I watch her funeral, I am once again reminded of who I am named after. Words spoken at her funeral rang true. I shall honor her memory as I use her life as an example.

May we all use her life as an example. We all gain by being of service to others. Her life as a wife and mother showed us that we can have family and career. She loved her horses and her dogs showing us caring for all creatures great and small.

When her beloved husband passed away, you could see a light go out in her. She suddenly seemed smaller and showed her age of nearly a century of life. She appointed a new Prime Minister just two days before passing peacefully at the home she loved best. Now she is reunited with her love and they will rest eternally side by side.

Thank you to my parents for giving me such a name. May I live a life that honors such a choice.


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Writing can be therapy, insanity or both. Here is my mind, my dreams, my fears, my thoughts, my life laid bare to share with you. Enjoy the journey into what is at once my blog, diary and world, and don't forget to tip your guide.

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