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Punching My Way Through Life

Life is a Fight and I'm a Contender

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Everyday I see people say they fight to get up in the morning. How do they fight? Mentally, Emotionally? I agree. I do the same. But I realized that there are things in life you actually need to fight sometimes. Your struggles, your depression, your anxiety. Everyday people will face bullies in their school or workplace. People put you down because they are not happy with themselves. You stand your ground and look them in the eye. You often imagine the bell ringing in your head and you hear, "Round 1".

I took this literally. I joined a video boxing workout during this quarantine. So much on my mind will stress me out. Things such as my divorce, starting from scratch, trying to stay healthy and keep moving. I have pent up negative emotions inside that makes me feel like I want to fight. So, fight, I will.

I drink my daily protein shake to get me ready. Feeling accomplished already by scooping this powder into the cup. I'm revving up, getting ready. Shaking up my shake with such a force, I gulp it down. I turn the tv on and here I go.

The first video they showed, they teach you the moves. They teach you how to move your body, your footwork and each punch. I get up off the couch and I throw my first punch. Twist the toes of my foot and push my heel to the outside as I throw my right hook. I feel the rush of my swing as I push through the air with my fist. Hearing the leader count. I'm getting a head rush as I push harder.

Each punch is in the face of my hardships. I do a jab, a right hook, a left hook, then an upper cut. Grunting and groaning with each punch I throw. I'm feeling invincible. I'm doing this work out for me. To heal. At the same time I'm fighting for my health. Raising my stamina and getting fit.

Keeps your mind going when they tell you what you need to do. Your foot work is a very important factor. It helps you adjust your weight to throw more force into your punch. Often thinking of any failures I have that will make me throw an even harder punch. I will not let this beat me down.

Breaking my sweat makes me feel more accomplished and lets me know that I can do anything. Sweat dripping down my face, throwing the left, throwing the right. Ducking right and left and not absorbing any shots.

Getting up and doing this workout makes me feel like a stronger man. That motivates me to keep going. I have heavy family members that have gotten bigger as they have gotten older. I'm trying to steer clear of that. Heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes are the problems that plague my family.

This quarantine will not get me down. I will get up and throw my punches. I will win this fight against life and take it as my own. My life is my motivation. It will not win. It may have me against the ropes, but the knock out punch is coming. I will never quit or throw in the towel. I will turn on my daily work out and throw my punches. Which motivates me to take more shots. At the end, I will throw my knock out punch. I will be the champion.

I will rise victorious and my loved ones will stand on their feet cheering my name as I raise up my hand. I will be declared the winner. Going 12 rounds with life will be the hardest thing you've ever done. But it's worth it.


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Jasper Wolf

Founder/Owner of Howling Wolf Freelance Writing

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