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Psychology Of Self Love - 6 Practical Ways To Learn Love Yourself.

by Sandeep Dhangar about a year ago in self help
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Self Love - 6 Practical Ways

 Psychology Of Self Love - 6 Practical Ways To Learn Love  Yourself.
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We are always taught that we have to live in love with others and not to ignite their needs. But no one reminds us that we have to take care of ourselves, Your needs also have to be understood. So because self-love seems like selfishness and narcissism to a great extent. But in reality, self-love means that you are giving yourself the care and respect that you can give to any of your family members or friends you give to You are doing this without harming anyone. That is, self-love is the rule we make for ourselves so that we can reach our potential.

The way a gardener gives manure and water to a flower because he wants to see it grow is self-love exactly where we are gardeners and we are flowers.

But nowadays heating oneself has become so common in society that some BB healthy self-esteem and self-love others find selfishness. This is because it is very important for every human being to feel in his childhood that his, The parents and the rest of the knowers love and it is proof for him that he deserves to be loved, But when this feeling is absent in a child, then no matter how much love he gets when he grows up or how much he attends his childhood programming, he speaks that he does not deserve these things.

Most of the time when such people get something good, it ruins that thing on its own because these people are the most aware of the feeling of unworthiness and they turn it around and bring you to this point, Where it can hate itself and its life.

However, this psychological pattern can be taken out if you want to do it yourself and for this, you will not change many things inside you.

Self Love - 6 Practical Ways

1. Accept your shortcomings

Self-love does not mean that you start loving the shortcomings that you can work on, so you will end the opportunity to grow in the name of self-love.

Remember, deficiencies occur in everyone and you can either use these shortcomings, towards the opportunity to become a better person, or you can make these shortcomings your identity and move around with your cowardice on your forehead.

2.Learn to move on from your old mistakes.
Whatever mistakes you have curry in your past, do not stop your hydration and your potential but learn something from your mistakes, Otherwise, you will always be stuck in your past and you will not be able to prepare yourself for a better future

3 . Increase your strength.
If your focus is just on your weekdays, then your attention will hold your shortcomings the whole time, and you will not have time and energy left to improve yourself.

Hence the correct approach, Making your talent more strong and improving your shortcomings as well, Because we need proof again and again that we are also uniforms, And we are the conscript moving towards our goal. Without feeling that we are moving in life, Our brain fills our body with a chemical that makes us feel negative so that we are filled with self-doubt. So make a thought in which your strength will be well utilized.

4. Take a stand for yourself.
The most important part of self-love is to protect yourself and put yourself in the position where you can grow, But if a person misbehaves with you and tries to take you away from your growth-promoting environment, then do not tolerate this thing and protect yourself, Take a stand for yourself and tell others where it is wrong.

If you just keep talking about toxic people in your life, So that you can experience your pattern again. Instead of taking care of yourself, if you spend your energy making others happy then you will never be happy. So think about your future and don't let yourself be used.

5. Focus on your mantle, emotional and physical needs.

Those who do not care at all, are deaf to the call of help from inside them, do not pay attention to when they need emotional support or comfort or how important it is to express themselves.

So treat your demands as you treat the demand tow of one of your loved ones and give you the same care and attention that you give to others.

6.Practice self-love.
That self-love was not a sedative thing that just talks about so that many people can feel good about themselves.

Rather self-love self-discipline is a practical habit like meditation, Journaling, Walking in nature or keeping your body clean is all-inclusive So that you can provide that tool to yourself and stay in that state of mind, In which you sharp, Feel healthy and loved.

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