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by Grace Sharp 2 years ago in advice
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It's about perspective

My life has never over the top normal. I guess there's no such thing as an ordinary life. Health problems have always been a big part of my life, whether they were my problems or not. For almost as long as I can remember my dad has had health problems. Then a few years after my dad's problems began, my Grandmama got cancer, and it wasn't long before she passed. About a year after she passed, my Pawpaw got cancer too. While I loved both of them, and I miss both of them very much, my PawPaw had more of influence in my life. I was always considered a PawPaw's girl. He was pretty much my go to person. He would always help me with homework, tell me stories from when he was little, or about random things that he would research. So being young and not knowing what was going to happen next, it was confusing for me. I never knew how to handle things, especially when I would see my dad going through an episode. A lot of the times my older sister would try to protect me from what was happening. My mom knew that I had to grow up at some point though. So after about a year, my mom began to let me help out, even if that just meant help out with my younger siblings. Whenever I got into high school I knew that I had to make the best of it. I know that a lot of the times that when people hear what I've been through and what I have done they think it's amazing. When I got into high school I joined the JROTC program. In the JROTC program I joined the Rifle team, got involved as much as I could, learned to fly an airplane, had my first solo, and this year I became the CO of the unit. It's crazy to think everything out of the JROTC unit happened in just four years. Even though a lot of good came out of these four years, I also had my challenges. I lost my best friend, got rejected by the rest of the friend group, accidents happened and a few of my friends passed, had my own medical issues, struggled with grades, had one of the worst breakups, and became lost. About midway through my Junior year I lost hope. I didn't know what to do and I had no idea why any of this was happening to me. After years of not having answers about my dad and my grandparents, and everything else, I became lost. I lost myself and I didn't know what to do. Soon I forced myself to get so caught up in school and JROTC that started to become more and more numb. I wasn't sure what to do until I met someone. He came into my life unexpectedly. We became best friends, he got me to go back to where I was raised. and brought out a different side of me. Now, I know that it sounds like a typical high school thing, but sometimes meeting someone can change your life for the better. There is no guarantee that anyone will stay in your life, but even if it's temporary, people can change the way that you look at life. That's what he did, he changed the way I looked at like while bringing me back to my roots. People come and go, but even if they leave, sometimes you still have to take and use what they taught you. You see, in the past four years of my life, I have learned a lot and done a lot. However, the biggest lesson that I have learned it that it's not about what happens to you in life, it's about what you do and make with it. Trust me, I know that it's a lot harder said than done. My advice to y'all is that even if you have a hard life, you make the most of it. It's all about perspective. If you look at all of the negative in your life, it's only going to bring you down. However, if you look at the positive things, even if they are really small, it will make a difference. A lot of the times it is the small things in life that matter most and keep you going. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! If you look I know that from the outside and a brief explanation it doesn't sound like a whole lot. Not only that but I know that almost all of it is easier said than done. And I guess you never truly know what someone is going through until you actually step into their shoes. Keep your head up though. If you make the most of what you have, life will get better. It might not be immediate but it will happen. Keep going. Don't give up. Make the most. Love like crazy. Keep your head up.


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