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My Favorite Place of Writing Inspiration

The coffee shop

By Jasmine AguilarPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
My Favorite Place of Writing Inspiration
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I think it is safe to say that many fellow writers here have their favorite writing place. It is a place with the right conditions in accordance to their preferences to get them in the mood to write or at least come up with creative ideas for a story.

My favorite writing place is at a coffee house. I know. I know. It sounds so typical! But I love the atmosphere of coffee shops. They are such a cool place to help unleash creativity and ideas.

There are plenty of happenings going on inside coffee shops (and outside too for the ones that have patios). It is the good kind of action though fueling inspiration rather than distraction. Of course, that’s just me and every writer is different with their threshold of distractions. While I find the actions of coffee shops to be a source of inspiration, some might find them to be nothing more than a source of distraction. The morning hours prove to be the busiest time for a coffee shop. Well at least based on my experience. The afternoons closer toward closing time tend to be more chill.

There are various reasons why coffee houses inspire me and help to fuel my creativity. First off, it’s the people themselves. I like observing people from a social perspective and just taking in the whole atmosphere. Not in an intrusive sense whatsoever, but some of the conversations I’ve happened to over hear in coffee shops were quite thought provoking or at least… interesting. Sometimes, by observing people, I am inspired to come up with new ideas for a story.

People working on their own task at hand whether it be writing, studying, or even drawing — it all motivates me to work on what I need to work on. I've come across a plethora of various artists at my local coffee shop.

I’ve developed a habit of bringing a journal with me whenever I visit a coffee house. As soon as I order and receive my vanilla iced coffee or iced mocha (I’m basic, so nothing fancy haha) and maybe a breakfast sandwich, I pull out my journal and read over it. More specifically, this journal is a place in which I record my ideas for a big writing project I am working on.

I take a moment and speculate new potential ideas. Even if they sound insignificant, am doubtful how they would fit into the story, or just sound dumb, I write them all done. You never know when an idea you thought of might become useful even if the original idea ultimately changes a little or a lot. Besides, we all know that it is best to just write an idea down if possible the moment it surfaces our mind. It’s so easy, inevitable, and frustrating to forget a passing idea. So, write them down in your notes no matter how pointless or insignificant they might seem.

While I actually do like Starbucks and have found more fair share of writing inspiration there, I prefer the small business coffee houses. They give off such an inviting atmosphere and the two family owned coffee shops I frequent give off a friendly vibe and both are places in which everyone knows your name or at least your face.

Coffee houses are more than a place to grab a cup of coffee or a bagel. They can also provide us with some great writing inspiration!

Here’s a little more detail about my current writing project.


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