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My cozy corner

by Selena 9 days ago in self help

water and warmth

My cozy corner

I have a couple of cozy spots, but the best one in my home is my bedroom/bathroom. They are attached, so I'm pretty sure i can go ahead and count them as one. Let's just agree that it is allowed lol.

My bedroom is a collection of everything I hold near and dear to me. A lot of it is artwork, poems, and gifts that my son has made me or purchased for me. There's also stuffed animals as far as the eye can see. You would think that a 7 year old girl lives here, but its my room. I'm just a momma who has a son that spoils her and gets her stuffed animals to watch over her. Then there is my bed...its a king size bed, that is firm but not too firm, with just the right amount of gushy-ness added in. I adored the bed the first time I laid on it and I love it even more now. It really feels like you are sinking into a nice, comforting cloud every time you lay on it.

Most people reserve their bed for sleep but I like to read, listen to music, have bed dance parties and even cruise the internet while I'm in bed. I also have been known to do some exercising in bed. Before your mind goes too far into the gutter, lol, there are some things that I would rather do laying on the bed, than having to get on the floor, so it works way better for me, especially with having psoriatic arthritis.

My son also loves to come to my room and look at stuff online with me. It is sorta like our own little world. He will come and talk about his feelings, or we will go window shopping right from the comfort of my room. Which is really nice since we cant go out and physically shop like we used to. Much like the rest of the world right now.

My bathroom is really my zen area. I don't know what it is about water, but it calms me no matter what. I have a large garden tub and I put in some epsom salt and fill the tub up. I love laying in there and looking at the various quotes I have on the walls, reading or even listening to music. My friend had got me a waterproof bluetooth speaker for a present and it works wonderfully while you are soaking in the tub.

I did have my bathroom this vibrant jungle green but felt it was time for a change. So now it is a color called sugar plummed. It is this really light but beautiful pink/purple color, but its super duper light and sorta shimmery. Just looking at it makes you think you are at some fancy spa.

I like to allow the water to help me wash off the day and the epsom salt is also good for keeping the negative energy away, which is also very important with how the world is currently.

When my bathroom door is shut, everyone knows to let mom alone and I'm very grateful for the little bit of me time. I always feel calm and relaxed after a bath. Then being able to sleep in my room where all my special gifts and trinkets are just makes me truly feel like this is my own space. I'm very grateful to have such a space. The world isn't always a happy place and its nice to know that I don't have to go far to get a little me time in my own comfort zone.

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