Motivational Ideas (Part 4)

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Doses of Motivation

Motivational Ideas (Part 4)

1. All actions are based on their intentions. But its likely that those intentions are not known by others. They are only known by you. In this regards, it is important to realize that whenever we do anything, especially the good deeds, it is quite likely that in the middle of that action, we start intending to show off to people. It's likely that our intentions can sometimes fall off these targets. One of our main distractions from our clean intentions becomes the intention of showing off to others. We may want appreciation from people, or we may want to fit into the society and overcome some peer pressure, or we may want to show ourselves as superior to others. All these intentions can easily ruin our plan of action and distract us.

Showing off keeps us in a mental loop to do everything for impressing others. It keeps us subconsciously in a competitive mindset and we may forget what our own priorities actually are. We may not realize that every person is different and has something unique to contribute to society. Therefore, doing things without actually thinking about what others will say can help us grow better and learn more freely.

It is also important that we constantly remind ourselves about why we are doing something so that we can constantly adjust and re-prioritize our actions. For example, we may start something and realize that now we are merely doing it because we enjoy it, but we had actually started it to help someone get out of their problem. But sometimes we start enjoying the things that we do to help others. That is something that could be considered as a divine help because of our clean intentions.

Bad intentions are distractions that can easily get us involved in things that can be sins. Such distractions can also make us neglect our real priorities and thus we become neglectful. Its important that we adjust our schedules and routines in such a way that we keep changing them whenever we see the need, and constantly make sure that our intentions are clean and that we don’t invest our time in something that is just destroying our time.

So to summarize, the bad intentions include actions that are done to show off to people.

2. Inviting people to what is good and prohibiting them from evil can be done in different ways. Today, in the age of technology, almost everyone who has access to any computer can easily do this.

The first step in calling others is to look towards our own actions. Are we ourselves doing good and abstaining from evil? So to know that, firstly, we need to adopt the right lifestyle ourselves. And we all need to make sure that what we propagate is right.

Propagation can be done in many ways. It can be done silently. It means acting good ourselves and abstaining from evil and then letting our actions speak for us. As others see us, those who keen observers and insightful, become inquisitive about our actions and can learn from us. This is the silent call to good. Then, we call out to people when we see some evil around us. It is always better to point out someone’s fault in privacy in order to avoid embarrassing the person we call out. Then there is a general call for goodness to public that can be done in so many ways today. The social media plays a vital role in this. We can spread messages or share useful videos through so many platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Or we can create good content on sites like YouTube or start our own blogs.

What important is that good propagates in society so that it can easily combat whatever evil propagates in society.

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