Motivational Ideas (Part 3)

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Doses of Motivation

Motivational Ideas (Part 3)

1. To stay mentally relaxed, we should first do the obligations, then do the voluntary things. So first we should do our work, and then attend to social media.

2. It always feels more scary than it actually is.

3. Having a solution-thinking mind rather than problem-thinking mind turns problems into interesting challenges.

4. We should help others if we truly want to feel happy instead of always thinking about our own self. (we should be a giver rather than a taker)

5. We should try to not over-burden ourselves with so many tasks. Rather we should not start many tasks at one time, and only prioritize.

6. Use your bad times to become stronger and better.

7. Discomfort makes you grow and comfort doesn’t help you grow.

8. A little deep reflection shows that being jealous, coward, hateful etc. are not the natural disposition of a human beings when we are all alone. It’s only when we compare ourselves to others or enslave ourselves to society that we have these feelings. Naturally we are creative and fearless.

9. Sadness, worry, grief, shocks etc. in life make a person look for a Creator, or Higher Power.

10. We should not compare ourselves to others. Everyone goes at their own pace. Rather we can compete with our own yesterday-selves.

11.Here are some of my insights on knowledge:

11.1-We should seek both acquired (science, philosophy etc.) knowledge and religious knowledge.

11.2-We should try to use our time wisely to seek knowledge. It’s easy to procrastinate and waste our time on watching useless videos on YouTube. But make we should try and make sure that we waste as less time as we can and use that time to take care of our priorities first and then use the remaining time to seek useful knowledge.

11.3-We should try and eek general knowledge on all subjects but specialize in only one or two subjects i.e. specialize in less topics. Don’t over-burden yourself.

11.4-We should try to specialize gradually but consistently. We don’t need to learn everything in one day. It’s helpful to make a schedule to help keep consistency.

11.5-We should not became discouraged if we fall short on our schedule to due other priorities. We can always restart or continue going even if we have to compromise on some days.

11.6-We can join an institution to learn a specific subject. But if we don’t have the time, money, or due to any other inconvenience, we can always start on the internet in your home or start with some books. Nowadays, the internet is a big source to study.

11.7-We should try and always remember that seeking knowledge should include a time period where we pause and think. We should ponder over your priorities and even redefine your priorities and think if we need to re-adjust to achieve your goals. We should make sure we don’t seek knowledge to impress others. Rather, we ourselves should enjoy what we're studying.

11.8-We should try to ponder over what we're studying, instead of blindly accepting everything we take in.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful for people, especially for young people.

12. Here are some insights on Wealth:

People can push to two extremes when it comes to wealth.

A rich person can turn into a wealth machine. He keeps on thinking about wealth day and night. Even though he has tons of wealth, he keeps thinking about how to further increase it as if he has some insecurity that his wealth is about to expire soon. This extreme attitude towards wealth can feel like a punishment for this wealthy person. His brain becomes occupied with the thought of wealth 24/7. He fears that if he won’t make wealth, his current wealth will finish away soon. He constantly has to think about defending his wealth from others. He constantly has to make sure people don’t find out about his wealth. And if he starts using his wealth in useless entertainment, he finds out that he has started wasting his precious time.

The opposite attitude is the attitude of a person who doesn’t have much wealth but always thinks about ways of making tons of money. Even though he has some small amount with him, he is never contented with it. He dreams of piles of gold coming to him, not knowing that such wealth will only make him worrisome on protecting that wealth. He constantly thinks that all his problems can be solved only if he becomes wealthy. He wastes all his time thinking about ways to make money and forgets everything else in life. He thinks that happiness is directly linked to wealth and real success of this life is in fact wealth.

But then, there is this third person who thinks with an open mind. He understands that he needs sustenance, but only for his needs. He does make money, but whatever he makes, he is satisfied with it. He does not think about wealth all the time. In fact, he realizes that he can use his time wisely. His energies, time and efforts are all put to positive and productive things in life, and along the way, he is provided for as a side-benefit of all his efforts that he puts into his productivity.

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