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by Isabella 10 months ago in healing

Lifting Your Spirit with Positive Vibes and Good Food

Achieving Motivation Power

The power of motivation is something we can all desire a little more of. We sometimes may forget the power of motivation is inside us, and we must train our own minds to use it in the times when life can feel the hardest to achieve what we are ever so longing for. If we sit on being jealous of others lives, we will be stuck in wishing and wanting to have someone else's life. We all know, we can never have someone else's life. That someone has harnessed the power of their own motivation to become who they are. We too, can do the same in our own lives.

There are ways of satisfying the desire to become more motivated and to be more of a success. But in finding it, we must look in the mirror so to speak and ask ourselves, "Self what do you want to become, and how can you get there?" Let our minds wander in the things we feel in that moment. Let our faces relax and smile as we think of who we can become. Remind our selves, we are already this person, we are just developing into a better, more motivated, human being. In order to become who we believe we are, we must take small steps to overcome the parts that are no longer serve us.

To begin we can achieve all that we want through doing, speaking, and having our own free will to push ourselves through the tough times, and come out on the top that we wish to become. We cannot sit back and let others pass us by, we have to roll with them, and succeed together. We have to reduce the desire to have what others have, and try to find our own happiness in what we have.

Motivation after something that is a struggle is the way to become stronger and move through whatever is seemingly tying us down. Similar to a teacher instructing their students to seek positive vibes and pursue your dreams, sometimes, we must tell ourselves the same. We walk with suffering at times, but reminding ourselves daily to eat better helps. Some examples are: to eat more vegetables, more fruit, and supplement our diets if we are unable to get proper nutrition through food alone. We have to be unafraid to clean our bodies out. Some examples of ways to do this are: detoxing with saunas and Yoga, drinking a ton of water (suggested amount would be half your body weight in ounces per day); and at least one time a year we should be cleaning our our colon with parasitic cleanses. Parasites can cause extreme problems in our bodies, even when most people think they do not have them, so we have to be willing to clean our bodies out together, so the world's people become more purified with us. If more people did these few things, the people would become healthier. The people would have more powerful motivation, to create, feel better, and achieve what we desire.

Being responsible with others lives, trying not to hurt one another, and not just thinking of our own life is good. This is a healthy practice we can all try to do each day so others advance in their motivation, and remain positive even in hard times. We at times forget to motivate one another and instead point the finger of what we do wrong. So let that go! It does not serve us, or the Earth we all call home. Instead of telling our friends, they "suck win", tell them they will do better the next time! Bring positive vibes by being positive, sharing good food, doing things together, and motivating others to become like who we became from the same way of being.



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