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Meet Real Eyez

Meet Real Eyez

By Sarah BlessingPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

What’s good so first of all I am an artist name Real Eyez coming from Huntington Beach California I’m 29 years old and I Turn 30 in the 27th of march. I started making music when I was about 13 years old and proceeded to make music till I was about 17 then I stopped and then I started again at 20. I remember the first time I would have some one listen to my songs it was about when I was 15 and they had heard my songs on MySpace I remember getting so hyped when they told me that they loved what they heard it bought a feeling of ectacy to me I will never forget it. I also would post music on soundclick i would go by lil d that was my rap name back then lol we live and grow right… Now I’m 29 and I go by RealEyez the reason I switched my artist name is cuz it didn’t work out with lil d it was just to plain to me. At the age of I’d like to say 21 or 23 I started making music on YouTube and putting it out and I would get a lot of people seeing my YouTube videos I would enter cyphers and contest and one of my videos that was for a contest blew up I remember how I felt it as really special to me and when I uploaded the first time on SoundCloud I remember i had lots of people listen to my songs and it felt good. One thing I know from making music is we as artists are always looking for approval and we should just be happy with what we know instead of what we don’t. I am currently making music and dropping songs every Friday on all streaming platforms I think that it’s helping with all the traction I’ve been getting. Currently I got about 5000 monthly listeners listening to my songs. Right now the song that I’m promoting goes by Own Way and it’s for the hustlers. I made that song for the ones that are dreamers and hustlers the ones that want to go out and get it. Personally I think that this song is my best song yet it shows how much of a hit it is and it good for the ones that are out here chasing these dreams. Also this week I’m dropping my new song that is my biggest of yet I think and I’m excited for it to drop already. I remember when I first made music it felt like therapy because I would always be to stressed out or telling another persons story and it would be fun making music but it we also a challenge from my mixing to mastering y oh r own music. Nowadays when I make music it’s not the same now I’m just having fun and being the lost creative I could be when it comes to making the music that i want to make. As far as projects never really dropped any project and that I feel ashamed cuz I should already have a tape out. Although I was working on a tape and my whole laptop didn’t work and all my songs got erased. Now I’m currently working on my ep that should drop this month. I look forward to having new fans and making more great music for everyone to listen to. I’m so honored to be interview by y’all it means the world to me anything that can get people to listen to my music is great thanks


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