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Marvel at This Wonderful World

You Were Created to be Able to Marvel at The Wonder of This World!

By Diane Mary MarkeyPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
Marvel at This Wonderful World
Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Image of the Earth taken by ESA Astronaut Tim Peake from

We matter because we are rare. Our planet matters because it is unique. 

At the very least, it should inspire us to re-evaluate our relationship to one another and to the planet. Marcelo Gleiser

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. Aristotle

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Khalil Gibran

Next time you gaze up at the uncountable stars on a moonless night in wonder. Consider just how phenomenal your abilities are to allow this moment of marvel. What will you do with this knowledge? This acknowledgement? This appreciation?

I for one will sing to God the Father my gratitude and my praise. To consider that I am so blessed to be able to see the wonder of His creation for myself. To share this wonder, this joy with others. The gift of language is used to share how much joy seeing the stars brings to me. My memory is another gift that stores these pictures for times of sadness.

I will take you on an epic adventure to show you just how incredible the universe and God the Creator deem you to be. This is a journey of cosmic proportions which I am minimizing not to fill too much of your time.

You are able to gaze up at the observable universe and marvel because you have a brain and senses. Think about this for a moment. Your eyes take in the light from stars, galaxies, etc. These light sources are many light-years distant from you. Yet your brain is able to process this light and transform this information for your understanding. Your memory now plays an essential role.

And now stand in awe and marvel at you.

Now, look at the wonder of the creation of you. You are a finely tuned instrument working in precision, each piece working as it must.

You were placed at the right moment on a moonless night to gaze out on this unimaginable huge universe and MARVEL!

What did it take to produce the wonder of you? Well, and this is in my words only here. It took since the beginning of time and space. The universe needed to be created at precisely the right time. It needed to be made up of the correct elements required for your body.

Now, what else is in so exact precision? Well, this is even more mind-blogging. The size and expansion rate of the universe. If you were to exist any earlier or any later it would be either too hot and light or too dark and cold.

Have you got the idea? Now and here is the place and time to be.

Scale it down a little, shall I? The Solar System is the right age and size. The sun is in the precise place in our Milky Way for life to exist in the Habitable Zone. Even the creation of our neighbor the moon and the tilt of our planet are necessary for life to exist.

All this finely tuned precision is created so you can stand and marvel on this moonless night.

Gazing up at the Universe, the photo was taken by Greg Rakozy from

Marvel at our life-giving sun as you take a stroll. It is placed where it needs to be and as old as it must be. All set for you, dear one.

To have this ability to marvel and wonder is the privilege of being human.

Now, this finely tuned blue dot — your home — this marvelous world is waiting!

This moment in time is yours to marvel at the wonder of its creation.

What I feel when I consider how important I am in the grand scheme of things. That I too, as all mankind was, is created to stand in awe at the universe. Is not to feel insignificant or small. Precisely the opposite.

When God the Creator placed such tremendous importance on me. He also gave me free will.

You and I have choices that are unique to who we are to become.

The more you marvel and wonder at the universe the more you must ask yourself what your place is here. As you gaze at the miracle of our world does it inspire you? To think that all this fine-tuning of over 3.5 billion years may be all for naught because of some people’s greed and neglect.

Are you inspired to act? As you hold in your hand a leaf that breathes out the oxygen needed for life. Are you dedicated to acting on behalf of endangered rain forests, in some small way?

And the miracle of the people you meet. Each person is also created with the Finger of God. Do you treat them as fellow relations of equal worth and value? Each person’s destiny is tied to the precise timing of the universe. We are united together on this spaceship [Earth] drifting through space and time. There is nowhere else to go.

We need to realize that we alone are capable of protecting and saving our home — Earth.

All people are created equal, the photo was taken by Pablo Heimplatz from

Another immense responsibility. As a fellow traveler through time and space on our precious Blue Dot — our home — Earth. Is to truly respect and treat with dignity our fellow man.

For my journey to be enjoyable love must be its defining source. All people have needs and dreams that are dear to each.

When I was a young girl attending Sunday School a term that I strive to live by is: J-Jesus-Jesus must always come first; O-Others-needs of others before mine and Y-Yourself-I too am a child of God. If you and I live each moment by this simple and yet profound code, then our fellow travelers will be loved.

When a finely-tuned instrument, such as yourself, works in tandem with others, miracles do occur. Have you witnessed tears of sadness turned into a whisper of a smile by your tender words of love?

Has a close friend made you feel loved on a day of sadness? Did your heart sing of gratitude? To think the entire universe is created so you can love and be loved.

Is there anything more miraculous than this?

You can observe and understand the unimaginable complexity and size of the universe. You marvel and wonder at your ability to do this.

You have now taken the time to say a word of gratitude for the wonder of who you are.

The universe and all its complexity are so finely tuned that it resulted in you and me.

We are of such great importance to God the Creator.

We too have responsibilities. We have choices to make. Each person we meet in our everyday lives is also a miracle of creation. Each person must be treated with love and of equal value to ourselves.

We must also dedicate ourselves, each in our own way, to protecting and saving our HOME!

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