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Mantra is to Affirmation

While Affirmation is two, three, or more numbers

By Sound And The MessengerPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Photo Credit: Laura Hatanaka

When I returned from India at the turn of 2017 into 2018 I was called to go see a hand reader. By visiting her I think it definitely shook up my life and my perception. A few months later I would end up moving to Rifle, which was a decision I could've hardly fathomed at the time. By moving there I was able play some music gigs in nearby Grand Junction, made a connection with a girl whom would then become a great friend into the present day and also this would cause me to probably put my money in on a loop pedal, which was a purchase which I haven't regretted and has surely added to the creative spark in the times where all creative sparks can go out. Apart from these external positive externalities, I also was left with learning about the power of numbers and specifically the belief that the Universe, "The Divine" "your higher source" is always looking to speak with you, but doesn't know how, therein comes the presence of numerology.

Before you leave for good and follow your serotonin and dopamine compass on the world wide web, which inevitably has you perusing cute cat videos one hour from now, insert face palm emoji, I've been there, I'd like you to consider the fact and the possibility that you have attended at one time or another a yoga class and have chanted the mantra Om, the vibration and sound of the universe, the tone of peace, the recognition of divinity within yourself and also the Asian imported, commonly adopted westernized sigh of relief that confirms that.. yes you did drag yourself out of bed at some ungodly hour and have completed approximately one hour or an hour and a half of vigorous body torture.. well done! Yet, I digress. Mantras largely draw power through repetition and time.

There's this temple just outside of Narita Airport where I would often venture after returning from the states while I was living in Japan. I would walk in, take off my shoes in the customary way and regardless of my mood or how stressed I had been, the stress washed off the moment I entered that space. I reasoned that many people had come to do meditation there. It left an essence and the essence had been accumulated by repetition and also over time. The same exists when I walk into an empty live house. There's this feeling there that music has been shared for thousands of hours. Artists have strummed metal strings until their fingers have bled all in the name of sharing their art and it has poured forth love onto a stage and people have listened and reacted and their emotions have then changed and perhaps this has caused greater change in the world. Mantras are given by the Divine to create that space and so in similar ways numerology has come, yet it is more a message than a Sankalpa or sacred practice. It can come as a result of sankalpa, yet it is not restricted to that. I don't want to box in numerology as it requires infinite space to breathe. Rather, I simply want to acknowledge that it stems from the Divine Feminine I do think. It is the moon. It is trust. It's that feeling when you can put your hands on soft Earth in your garden and feel the magic of growth and creation and yet have no clue either whether anything will grow. It's the happenstance of you forgetting your gloves at a super market or a wallet, but then by doing so you run into a long time friend or make a new acquaintance.

Often the numbers present themselves to you and as you grow more sensitive you can start to feel the synchronicity of their presence. Coincidence then becomes a miracle as I was taught in India. Triple one's, or two's, or three's or all triple's then become lottery ticket winner tickets, confirmations of your vibration at that specific time, or acknowledgments of the above, that we are all in fact one, that you are on your correct path. You can choose your own artistic significance of what you think the numbers mean or you can look up the meaning and decide if you agree with the response you get when you plug it into Google. What exists is play and perhaps healthy curiosity. Numbers are there though as they've always been, helping alignment I do believe, and usually alignment brings organization.


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