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When you need to wake up.

By Cameron KitchenPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
At the top of the world

How I went from a farm boy to a boy making $1000 every day like it was a game.For real though me and my one roommate had bets with each other who could break $1000 a day for about a month sounds crazy. This was when I was only 18 years old and just moved out of my moms house and how did I do this will get into that right now.

When me and my mom moved back to the city from living out on a farm way out in the middle of nowhere about an hour away from the closest city I started up in grade 5 knowing nobody. At this point of time I did not look like a city kid I was still dressed up like a redneck cowboy I got picked on quite a bit. I got into a couple fights with some kids just because of the way I dressed so my mom had to go out and buy me some what we would call normal clothes so I would fit in better. By the time I was in grade 6 middle school I had made quite a few friends.One day when I was going to the store I heard a shot from a balcony in these two people asked me to go get the pop from the store they said they pay me.As a kid I was like sure pretty much anything for money when I got back the two people on the balcony decided to smoke a joint with me this was one of the first times I got a baked.After getting back with them they told me that I could buy some weed from them if I want to do or if I knew anyone just to come see them. This was pretty much the start of it all the one person on the balcony I met that day ended up being a long time friend that I called Moms because she had four kids. Little did I know what a big part in my life that that family would play.

I started selling weed in the middle school and continued into high school by the time I was in high school I was selling at least a pack of zigzags worth of joints a day.At 16 years old 100 joints a day at five for one and three for 10 was a lot of money actually it was so much money it was hard to take the teacher seriously knowing you made more money than them.My mom knew something was up when I started coming home with new clothes and Necklaces that she hadn’t bought for me.we ended up having to talk but I knew she couldn’t afford all the things I was buying for myself since she was a single parent so she kind of just have to be OK with it as long as I wasn’t getting in trouble.

As soon as I turned 18 I moved out of the house because my grandma needed to move in with my mom so she could take care of her .this is when I really started to party I always used to go drink at this pub that I later found out was owned by my half brother Brian.The only reason I figured this out was because my one friend Miranda had noticed a bracelet I wore had the name Short on it.this was my dad‘s last name after that my half brother set up a meeting for me to meet my dad for the first time.I don’t know how smart that was especially because every time I was there I was drunk the first time I seen him I told him about how good I was doing and how I was about to buy a house and what a piece of shit he was for never being in my life.that meeting didn’t go the way my half brother expected but I said what I had to say.

After moving out of my moms house for just one year I decided I should buy a house instead of renting just throwing my money to someone else .this was the point in my life when me and my roommate were selling 30 pounds a week and making sometimes over $1000 a day for a couple months straight no basically I could say if you smoked weed back then you were probably getting it for me in the long run.I was doing really good but I was really flashy kid I had a gold ring on every finger that weighed about an ounce to 2 ounces and I wore a 24 karat gold necklace that Wade 1/ quarter rings were so big they actually wouldn’t let me into some of the clubs because they said that they were weapons even though they knew I was a very friendly person and was not the kind to start a fight.

I ended up opening a clothing store downtown near the clubs.sold lots of clothes to friends and associates that had lots of money so that went all right for about three years I sold lots of clothes after the bars were closed because I would take girls there after and just open up when we were all drunk good way to get some people to spend money then I usually have an after party.I like going to my house because I had a pool table and usually wasn’t super drunk and would always take the drunk people for their money that pool table definitely paid for itself.I have all kinds of stories from house parties and events that I went to but that would make this a really long story maybe you guys might want to hear it one day but this is just the just of it and yours when things got turned upside down.

After 5 guys with bat and tasers broke into my house

. One day after work I had got dropped off at home because at this point I did not have a drivers license shortly after I was dropped off I heard banging at my door and didn’t think anything of it my door swung open and then came a bunch of guys with balaclavas on I grabbed a knife from a table jumped over my railing to the front door And stabbed him in the stomach.I was then pushed down into the basement where I thought four of them at once as they use my head is a piñata and as they tased me all up my back. They started to try and Ducktape my hands together but I was fighting too much and spitting blood in their face is saying you’re all fucking dead. The person that I had stabbed was looking out and noticed that some of my friends pulled up they were only here to pick me up to go for drinks but when they asked me if I got a phone call off I said yes and you’re all fucking dead. Luckily they believe me and all ran out the back door I picked myself up and went running out the front door and fell on the ground in front of my friends and I said they’re getting out the back door.My one friend ran towards the car that they were jumping in and as it as they took off he slapped Out the driver side window and grabbed a hold of the driver but the driver did not stop and when he took the corner my friend went flying. My friends quickly got me into the vehicle and we took Chase to them we almost ran them off the road but we didn’t wanna destroy my friends vehicle so them lucky bastard’s ended up getting away. My friends knew I had to go to the hospital but I had to make a quick pitstop before that happened as soon as I got to the hospital my friends got me in a wheelchair and brought me into emergency and it wasn’t long before they were trying to cut my rings off because my hands were broken from grabbing baseball bats From hitting me in the head.I don’t know if you believe in guardian angels but I know I had one that night and I actually think it was one of my best friends that had died just soon before this happened. I ended up with 52 staples in my head and somehow I wasn’t even concussed the doctor said it was a miracle both my hands were pretty broken up they said if I didn’t continue physeal my hands wouldn’t work the same ever again. I could tell you that that was a bunch of bull because now I am a journeyman leather interior system mechanic and I sell all kinds of art so my hands work just fine.I was really close to death that day and that is when I decided it was time to wake up and quit live in the dream.I never thought that would happen to me because I was friends with everyone they didn’t even need to kick my door in because my door was unlocked but this taught me a good lesson about people and what greed and jealousy can make someone do into never really let your guard down because if you think that it will never happen to youYou’re dead wrong it could happen to any of us but this is one of the risk of trying to make the big money and just being that guy that everyone likes. Let me tell you from all the people that surround me there sure isn’t that many people here anymore in fact it’s pretty much me and my dog smoke the brave pup that’s almost save my life when them guys broken he certainly saved all my money since they threw him in the room with all my gold and money that’ll teach them.

Some Art i did

If you want to hear more of some of the small stories I got from before and now .About what I’ve learned spiritually and what I know about sound healing and other things about my heart leave me a comment below.


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