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By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I often hear someone sigh and say, "I've aged another day from yesterday." I wonder why he doesn't say he is still a day younger than tomorrow.

Like many people, as a child I always thought about how nice it would be to be closer to being grown up tomorrow than I am today. Now that I've grown up, I realize that growing up isn't just growing up, it also means aging. But what's the point of knowing that? Even if I had to start over from childhood, I would have to grow up and age all the same. But must this be a kind of helplessness and misfortune? I think, while today is aging more than yesterday, isn't it also younger than tomorrow?

Today, really, is younger than tomorrow.

Whenever I do something bad, I say to myself: It doesn't matter, learn from it. If you are in the same situation tomorrow, you will definitely do better because, after all, you are younger today than you will be tomorrow. Whenever I see my face haggard again in the mirror, I say to myself: don't be disappointed and don't be sad, look in the mirror of tomorrow and you will know the beauty of today. Because, after all, you are younger today than tomorrow. Whenever I force myself to quickly exercise a repeatedly wavering resolution, I say to myself: go ahead and do it, no need to hesitate. Because, after all, you are younger today than you were yesterday.

In fact, sometimes I want to be sad. But I don't dare. I'm afraid that in this useless sadness, tomorrow will become today, I wasted another day of youth. I often hear people say "tomorrow will be better." And I just feel empty and ridiculous. I think, only today there is the so-called good, will be good, better, or even the best, tomorrow's good is just an illusory imagination. Because today's people, hearts, time and even air are really younger than tomorrow, how can tomorrow say it must be good? If it is good, it will have to wait until tomorrow becomes today.

I am also well aware that outside of myself, there will always be a tide of people younger than myself. This is just an objective phenomenon. I think. I don't consider anyone younger than me to be young. -- and I certainly don't dare to think that anyone older than me is older than me. There are countless people who do not mean to be young, who do not value their youth, who do not give any valuable meaning to it. So I have always felt that youth need not be compared to someone outside of myself. The youth I want to compare is only myself. --In every day I spend, my harvest should be more mature than yesterday, not senile, and every new day I welcome, my state should be younger than tomorrow, not childish.

Today's wheat seedlings are bright green, tomorrow they will be golden yellow. Today's ears of wheat are full, tomorrow they lie in the wheat field. Today's rose is budding, tomorrow it will bloom delicately. Today's stamen is fragrant, tomorrow it will melt into the warm bed of the soil. Life exists today, and there is deep love in every detail. And I just hope that every smile I have today is brighter than tomorrow, every tear I have is heavier than tomorrow, and even my pain is sharper and more passionate than tomorrow.

Being younger than tomorrow allows me to never intentionally let myself slacken. I am younger than tomorrow, so that I still have a lush inner life when I am wrinkled. Being younger than tomorrow is a strong reason for me to keep trying. This is a mellow cornerstone for me to be able to bounce. Younger than tomorrow, let me love every star above my head from the bottom of my heart. Younger than tomorrow, let me earnestly cultivate every bit of land under my feet.

My today is really younger than tomorrow. This makes me feel happy.

Yes, I know that I will die in one of these days, and my today and tomorrow will never be compared again. Then I feel equally happy. Because the rest of fate has forever prevented me from aging tomorrow, and in that one day I have arrived at my final youth.


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