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Listening to these love confessions, you will want to nod immediately

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By Phàng Văn DuyPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Listening to these love confessions, you will want to nod immediately
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1. "Can you be my girlfriend? If yes then yes, if not then I'll think of another way."

2. "This morning I looked in the mirror and suddenly wanted to come find you." "Why?" "It's been so long, you probably know, every time I see something good I want to give it to you."

3. "XXX! Don't think that if I like you, you can do whatever you want! These past few days I've been thinking, I've liked you for so many years, it's not because I like you! It's just I like the feeling of liking you! Even if you're not you, even if you're a pig, I still like it! Goodbye!" The female student was scared stiff... The brave male student finished The upper part turns around and walks away. As soon as he turned away, he covered his face and cried: "That's too much... Wow!" So cute I want to die!!!

4. There was a time when she had a cold, and at night she texted me: "Just wrap yourself like a dumpling and get some sleep and you'll be fine, I'll be your blanket, good night ~"

5. "Do you know how to love?" "No!" "Then let me teach you."

6. "Do you like water?" "Prefer!" "So you already like 70% of me!"

7. "I hesitated for a few days, and finally decided to toss a coin and if it hits right, I will confess my love to you." "What if it hits the wrong side?" "Then turn it around."

8. "I like you..." "What a coincidence

9. "Quickly say you like me, then I will reject you!" "Are you crazy?" "Then just say it." "I like you..." "Let's go on a date then!"

10. "Use my card, the password is your birthday."

11. "I like bald men." "You're not bald." "I can wait."

12. On her birthday, the nerd in class gave her an old notebook, making her laugh and cry. She still has it.It's stupid to give others learning experience as a gift. Then, she opened the notebook and saw the words written on the notebook smiled: "Every time I go to the self-study room, I still use this tattered notebook to take up space, not knowing what it can bring to me."luck, take a place in your heart?"

13. "If humans also had tails, they would be so embarrassed. Because, every time I'm with you, I think, I won't be able to help but shake my tail wildly."

14. "Why is your princess's illness getting worse? Have I spoiled you? Well, be my girlfriend, don't go out and harm others!"

15. "Has anyone ever confessed to you? "There was one person." "So I'm the second person."

16. "You like playing games, I play with you. You like soccer, I look at you. I like you so much, if you like me just a little, will you die?"

17. Run in front of the girl you like and lie down. Then say: "Hey friend, you lost your boyfriend!"

18. "I'm CSS for your HTML."

19. "Why do you come to find me all day?" "Because you're good at studying. That's really good~" "... What's good?" "Well... later... I can teach my child to study ~"

20. "Let me borrow your phone for a moment." "What's up?" "Just lend me a little, hurry up." "Ah..." ... "Okay, pay you back." Received my phone, saw two messages: Send: "Let's go on a date." Reply: "I respect your sincerity, okay ╮(╯▽╰)╭"

To successfully confess your love to your crush, you should first determine the right time. After all, the right person at the right time is better than the right person at the wrong time, right? So this is an important factor that you must definitely pay attention to.

If you have become friends and have been with your crush for about 6 months, 1 year or more, this is the best time. If you confess too early, when both of you have just gotten to know each other and don't understand each other's personalities and interests well, then your confession at this time will make the other person feel like you don't understand each other well enough. superficial and lacking trust. If they don't like you at first sight, you will definitely be rejected by your crush. And one more prerequisite factor is that before deciding to confess your love to your crush, you should also find out to make sure that your crush at least has some feelings for you and that feelings can be gradually nurtured to have can develop more.


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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    You are doing great effort

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