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That nightmare, love

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By Phàng Văn DuyPublished 3 months ago 38 min read
That nightmare, love
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My floor was the seventh floor. Currently, the tower I live in is tower C. That year, I didn't. I know, what does it mean that he lives with his mother? This boy's illness is about 9 or 10 years old, but I don't know what illness he has. He died in the house. His mother didn't seem to take him to the hospital. nothing, the child died prematurely in the house and in the end this mother left the child's body in the house without even having a funeral or a mirror box. Hey, people passed by the hallway of her house and saw the foul smell it emitted, so they called security. The police ran up and opened the door to see a small body inside the house. That's all I know about this incident. And after that, why don't we know clearly because it was two years ago? My house just moved here. When it's mentioned here, I also remember it. At that time, I also accidentally heard the news. It seemed like there was a case related to this case, like there was a child who died on this seventh floor but his mother and father were not there. They took him away to appease him and left the boy in the house with a foul smell. But he didn't know that that house was the house opposite his friend's house, Mr. Quan. I just continued to tell you, you know. Not since that day, he has come home every day, but at first he only knocked on the door, thinking it was someone who opened the door, but he didn't see it. That day, my family was having dinner, and the door was not there. I closed the door a crack, my father and I were alone in the house and clearly saw it standing right in front of the door and it broke its leg. It's exactly like what you see. It's green and pale. He and his father had just read a few incantations from a teacher they knew. He had told them that if they encountered a ghost in the house. If they met a ghost, they had to recite it. Once the father and son had finished reading it, they saw that it was the little guy. Hey, it disappeared. It disappeared and I couldn't see it anymore. Then I called the security guys to come and check to see if there was any thief breaking in or not. There was no one. Wait until yesterday evening. Nguyen My house Just finished eating at home, then suddenly the power goes out in my house, you know? In an apartment, every time the power goes out, the generator system will turn on right away. But I don't understand why. After stealing the electricity for about half an hour, there was no electricity anymore, so my mother retreated, took a few lanterns and lit them. Just after going to look for some candles, I saw her face rubbing against my mother's face. She asked for help. beggar He said ah give me something to eat I'm so hungry I'm so hungry he bared his teeth like that That little guy I sat in the room I didn't know my mom was so scared she called my dad to come out I ran out and saw it running out the door. I was so scared. My family member opened the door and ran away, running away to find someone in the night and returned to my grandmother's house. Because I was at Kim Bien market, I was no longer in that house. anymore you. I'll finish school today and I wo n't be staying here anymore. My mom asked the Asians to pack up and sell this house. Ever since I left school, you haven't come to this house anymore because of your friend. I don't live here anymore, I don't hire people to move things, and in the future I don't know if I can sell it or not. I don't even know because those two children finished school and then changed schools. Each student studied at a different place, and I don't know. How else can I hear that the people who live next to his house sometimes hear him come home and cry all the time ? He won't go anywhere and people will offer him cakes and fruits. But still until there's no one left. If we live anymore, it 's like this story has no meaning. We meet each other for coffee every once in a while, so we just say it's the same old story. Actually, there are many more stories but it seems like it's quite touching. so I just mentioned that, next is the love story of Kinh Hoang Duy sent back from a guy from Lai Thieu, Binh Duong. He mentioned a time around before 2014. Then you know a girl. The two of you met in a very special situation. It's not like you knew each other before or through matchmaking. Introducing friends is nothing but a thing. That day I went to drink coffee, I don't know if I went alone or I went with my friends to a coffee shop, I sat down, I just drank water. But the table next to my place had a coffee shop. The girl sitting at the pool drinking water when I came down here and sat down, I also paid attention to that girl. In general, this girl is not an outstanding beauty like a beauty queen, but she looks like she has a certain look that is His eyes are so drawn to him that he really wants to look at her like he's a bit infatuated. Manah, she radiates some kind of energy. It's so hard to resist. Actually, I also want to start a conversation, but it's because of a stranger. Let's start a conversation and suddenly go for a coffee, maybe we're going out with a girl, but he said that girl is the one who approached and talked to him first, like this girl, she's also naturally rude. The guy started talking first, right? She was the one who talked to me first. After a while of talking, I fell in love with this girl even more. Because this girl, she talks very coolly. It was also a cute thing to shake hands with so that's it. The two of them also asked for each other's contact phone numbers, then they went home on social networks and then they started contacting each other all the time about love. I don't know when love will strike at first sight, so I just pushed it along and through the process of texting to get to know him, he found out that this girl was originally from Ben Tre and then moved to Binh Duong. I don't know where to go to work and start a career. I only know that she's good, but whether she's really good or not. Listen to this story, everyone will know. That was the whole first week. Almost every day I held the phone. When we picked up the phone, we texted each other before we got to know each other. That's why I texted so much that I really wanted to find out more about who this girl was and what kind of person she was, whether I should continue to get to know her or not. But I didn't ask her what she did for a living until after we'd known her for more than a week, then this girl suddenly said that I'm from Ben Tre. Come here . I'm staying here. Working as an employee at a karaoke bar, this is a karaoke bar with dim lights, made to order according to customers' requests, which means that the mother-in-law at the restaurant will always serve whoever Lanh serves. Serving that person honestly told me so, that's why. When she finished speaking, I was a bit indifferent. Oh my god, suddenly I know a girlfriend who does that job every day. One day at home, she hugs me, then she goes to work at work and hugs another guy, how can I stand it, so that girl is also very quick-witted, she said it first, and then she apologized to him. I already told you my profession, so I have nothing to hide from you anymore, now if you love me, can you sympathize with my work ? It's the same with any profession. As long as you make real money, you don't have to cheat anyone, even though you work for those customers. You go with them. But the person I love is you. Then think about it. If you can accept it, we can continue. Once you love me, I'm ready. I'm sorry that I did that job. It makes me a bit sad, but Please understand, she keeps explaining to me like she's afraid of making me sad. She knows this is a very sensitive profession, so she keeps talking about it and I'm so upset that it's because I think Well, it's the same with any profession, but it also has a dark side and a bright side. Maybe it's because of the difficult circumstances at home, and it also feels like it has a little beauty, so it does the job. Hey, it's okay, let it go as long as he loves me, I also feel like he's sincere. Then the two of them continued to know each other at that time, texting back and forth and seeing each other. And even every few days, I take my car and drive to my grandfather's house so that we can take each other out to eat, drink, and play. Lanh, she lives in the same house as my second brother. Also, that guy's name is a gentle guy. Actually, he and this girl knew each other like any other couple. It must have been about three or four months later when suddenly that day a friend named Hieu just texted me and sent it to me. There were about three or four pictures like that, but in that photo, that scene was captured. It's my girlfriend. She was sitting in the back of another guy's car and the two of them were driving together. Where are they hugging each other so tightly? Here, Hieu, I just told you, Mom, do you know? I was sitting in a coffee shop just now. I saw your boyfriend Lanh, why is he sitting in whose car? It seems like The two of them take each other out to play and go home, I think so. Mom, he hugs me more than you. You're being cheated on. I wonder if anyone who knows each other can stand this scene. I'm hot-blooded, but that's why. After meeting each other, I asked everything to find out. I showed this photo and asked my friend where he went. I saw that. Where are you going today? Who drove you? Did you see that? That guy is Ai Is it your friend or something? I see that the two of us are hugging each other a bit in love. The head is shaking. Listening to his neck. Hey, who's driving me? I'm going to work today but I'm not sitting. Why isn't it anyone's car? Besides, I don't have one. I don't have any friends, guys, I do n't have any close friends until I opened my phone and showed the picture to her, then she started to shut up, she spoke in a different voice, she said oh my god, if only I had That's the evidence. It must have been someone who took the photo. Who told you? I'm telling you the truth. That person probably wanted us to break up so much that he lurked day and night to see if I had any loopholes. Why don't you let me break up with you ? What should I tell you? Actually, I want to hide it from you because I don't want you to be sad, you know? I don't love that horse, that's why. That guy from Lam village was my ex-boyfriend when we met each other at that time. We were sleeping together. When we were sleeping together, he took the phone. He filmed it. We didn't expect what would happen. This is not the case. At that time, I thought he let it be secretly filmed so that we could watch it later as a souvenir, but when we broke up, he took the clip and brought it out. Always threatening me like he's trying to make money from me. Every time he comes to me he asks for money or he asks for this and that, won't I satisfy him? He uses it to scare him and says, Let me send it to you both I sent it back to my hometown for your parents to watch. You're afraid you won't watch something like a girl like you. You come here and sleep with this guy and that guy. Now you've revealed your clip set. Try asking me if you're okay. I'm afraid I'm doing that job, I'm not a jerk, I'm not a jerk to anyone, I'm just serving people, I'm not a jerk, I'm not a jerk, now everything's getting worse. That's it, you know? A few days ago, he contacted me and said he wanted me to take me to a motel if I didn't respond to him. He continued and sent those three pictures to me and you. Look, I don't want my family to be sad because of this, that's why I'm going along with it, bro. Now that you know everything, I 'll tell you the truth, please forgive me. Listen to me, if I tense up now and stir up trouble again, I think he won't leave me alone. So what do you think I'm going to do now? Maybe I'm scared of him so I'll just let him go. He keeps bullying me back and forth like that, isn't it? If he keeps those three pictures, he takes me out all the time, right? Do I always follow him, or why does she insist on me taking him? I'm like that Well, it's okay now. If you love me, just try to give me more time, just let me follow him. In fact, I don't love him at all. Let's just follow him. Ah, it's not like we're doing business, but even if I did go, I wouldn't have any feelings for him anymore, so I'll just try to wait for you some time. I promise I'll cut off all contact with him, but for now, I It's not really possible to make it too tense, since my friend always sent me pictures, I'm really hot-blooded, but until we meet face to face, I'll talk to you two face to face . Ms. Lanh, you presented it like that. It's so natural that he immediately fell for it. His personality is very normal. I also feel that yeah, I'm not angry at my girlfriend. Maybe this is also his feelings. Actually, when we got to know each other, that happened. No one could have predicted it when it happened. Because of that devil, he set up a camera and took that video. Now Huy is raping my boyfriend. If I don't love my boyfriend, then Well, I didn't say so, but now I don't blame him. Just let him go with Kien. When I'm with him, I feel like he loves me and he's devoted to me. It's probably okay. Somewhere along the way, he accepted that we knew each other for another year during that time. We loved each other very much, almost every day or two he would come over to her place. But to pick her up to eat, maybe during those days, Ms. Lanh went with that guy Lam. But he accepted it and suddenly one day, that afternoon, he ran over to the good house to pick her up. Let's go eat. But today I don't have an appointment. I want to come by unexpectedly to see if he's home. Because usually every day when I pass by, I text you to make an appointment. He said Yes. I'll come pick you up tomorrow. When I went to eat, I heard that she must have stayed at home to eat with me, but today when I suddenly passed by the beach, I did n't see Lanh at home. I only saw my good brother, my good brother. I stopped by the car. My family met me. The two of us just asked driftwood. Have you been at home these past two days? Come over, I'll pick you up and go eat something natural. You two just got excited. I said, honey, what are you saying? That's weird, he said. I'm In the morning, the two of us flew out together, but he was gone from this morning until now. He didn't go to work today. He told me he was going out to the street later, and then you picked him up. The two of us flew out. Why is that so bad? Now you come over and ask what it is. I don't understand you, but you're so angry. You take out your phone and keep calling until he hears the ringing. He wants to kill the phone. He doesn't pick up. No. I was so angry that I called one more time and Thien Lanh answered the phone. When she picked up the phone, Ms. Lanh asked, listen, I heard Ms. Lanh's voice answer as if she had just done something. She's so tired, she's out of breath, she's so out of breath talking through the phone. I can hear it and I can imagine the space on the other end of the line. It's a space that looks like it's healing. Sitting in a glass room like that, it's extremely quiet. The sound of her voice stutters a bit when she hears a few answers. I know for sure that my girlfriend has gone to rest with her boyfriend, but That's all I kept calm so I asked driftwood where are you? Today I came to pick you up to eat. C just said stop dreaming, are you so tired today? I'm sitting at home having dinner with you. It's you two. I can't even eat what I want. Let's go, I'll text you when I'm done eating tonight. I'll call you the next day so we can hang out. Just hearing that makes me know and I'll smell the fakeness in my heart. When I was standing next to his older brother, there was no one anywhere, so I told him the truth. Who did he go to the motel with? Tell me more. How can I know each other if I don't trust you? I've already told you about my situation with Lam. I'm at home today and I'm really tired. You see, I haven't texted you many times in the morning. I ca n't sleep when I'm lying down. I'm just now coming out to eat. Okay, here we go. Now who do you think about it? Oh God, I can't stand going with you anymore. Now who are you going with? Everything is so obvious. Listen, you still dare to swear on the phone. Oh my god, I'm at home. What are you talking about? I swear to you, if I go to a motel with someone, a car will run me over and kill me. What are we doing? We know each other and don't trust each other at all. Every day, night and day, we keep looking for this and that. bug Do you want us to break up so much? Do you want that? Let's break up. Come over to my house. I'm at home. Give me your phone. Let's talk. I'll talk to you. If you go, I'll just shut up and try to see who his big brother is before giving the phone to him. Hello, big brother Hien Trung. Hey, big brother? Maybe his voice is good? I don't know why I'm standing next to big brother Hien. Who was the guy on the other end of the line? At that point, I didn't know what to say so I gave the phone to my brother. He heard me say Hello. What are you doing? You're so rude. Lan, do you know what's going on today? Trung came over and didn't he pick you up to go out? Why did you sleep with someone? Are you still talking? Are you pretending to be me? Are you lying to him? You said this is your second brother. Who are you going to eat with? When have you ever been with me? You're not at home. You don't eat. Or do you eat something else? Mom. You're leaving the hotel. You're coming home right away for me. Today, when you come home, I'll make you look pretty. I didn't expect you to be a child. My sister is like that now. You weren't like that back then. Why do you know this guy and you're hanging out with that guy so strangely? I said I'll call you and come home right away. Okay, I'm so frustrated. I hung up and I went home. That day I drove home and I was so angry that I was shaking like crazy. As soon as I got home, I opened my phone and blocked all contacts and blocked all contacts. the social networking site. In general, I want to cut off and no longer have any contact with this person because he has betrayed me too much and is so mean to me. I lie down and think about it all the time and say God. Oh, he's so bad for me, but why do I still rely on him? I've still loved him for a year now, even though I still know that he's used to other guys, he sleeps with many guys, not just one guy. But I can't beat him. In fact, I want to be violent, but I can't flirt with him even if it's a slap until early the next morning, Miss Lanh. I ran over to your house and immediately called on the door to beg you, please understand, I'm not like that. Actually, in general, it has a reason, but now you have to calm down . Please sit down. Listen to the explanation so I can tell you. But now you keep stopping contacting me and I have no chance. I can't explain to you. You avoid everything. You don't open the door. You don't see each other. That's why that girl came back, but if you meet her face to face and come into contact with her, it will happen again and within a day or two, she'll come over and you won't be able to find her. After we couldn't contact her anymore, it seemed like she was quiet for a while and then passed around a few days later when my best friend invited me to say Hey today he took me to my teacher's place. Hey, because my dad passed away a long time ago, today I want to try to call my dad's soul to see if he wants anything. Why have I been sleeping all these days? I see him coming back all the time. What did he say? I can't hear clearly. I think my dad needs something. This teacher knows this place. If he's free, he can take me there. If he wants to see something, he can see it. This is also a close friend of yours. Well then, I 'm free for both of you. Let's drive each other to a teacher's house. He's also in Binh Duong. After he's done watching, call the soul of my friend Ngoc's father and prepare to leave. About me, I don't want to talk about anything. Suddenly, the teachers looked at me and said, "You're being played by a woman. I heard that they're harming you," he thought in his heart. saying oh my god, what woman would harm me because I haven't done anything and no one hates me. I've never had a quarrel with anyone, especially a girl. So how can they harm me? If you believe me, sit down and I'll take a look at the hexagram. Ngoc, my friend, also said it. She said Yes, I'll miss going to the teacher's house. That's what the teacher said. Just sit down and see where you're going. You won't lose anything. You'll also sit down and let me see. The teacher just asked for your information. What kind of hands are you looking at? Hey, look at the whole line of people. I heard your son saying, Oh, is there a hearing charm, teacher? At that time, I didn't know the concept of hearing charms. I knew about these and that charms, right? Do Because there's a thing about hearing charms, is it possible that when I say it, I immediately hear it? Is it true that the teacher said yes, that's it? What else ? In general, it's this woman who uses a kind of sad voice. So he just needs to say one sentence into your ear and you listen to it, especially when you're near that woman. Whatever that woman says, you listen to it. You always followed it without any mistake, but when you were far away from that girl and what that girl said, maybe you didn't listen at all. At that time, you were awake and you didn't. You're still confused until you're close to it, then you'll be confused. Now, remember the recent times. Have you known a girl with signs related to this problem? Without even asking, I almost immediately missed my girlfriend. Because for a long time, I only knew this girl named Lanh, calling him my most formal and official acquaintance. Exactly bxc So there's always nothing wrong. I remember every time he listened, what wrong did he do to me? He said one or two sentences and I immediately ignored it. Before, I was so angry I wanted to fight. I wanted to break up but But he just caressed a few sentences and I didn't think about those mistakes anymore. I just sympathized with him. I said yes, he must have had some reason, some situation, to let him. My girlfriend has to do that , not my girlfriend wants to do that, who knows how many times. From the first day when he first met, he sat in the car and hugged and hugged that guy Lam until he But the mandarin picked her up to eat and she also slept in the hotel. Hong studied at the same house as other people, but he was still gullible and ignored him. He was still used to continuing with her. How could he be sure that he was involved? Bui heard that. Is that what the teacher said? Okay, now sitting here today is very suitable. I'm wearing a shirt, right? Looking back, that's right. I was wearing that red shirt. Teacher said. Count from the top button of your shirt to the button below. How do you count the third button from above? Shake that button and give it to the teacher. I'll count it too. I'll pull it. The button came out. I gave it to the teacher. He took the button and went into his house. He took a stick that looked like a tea tree and stabbed it. That was a mortar. He smashed and smashed the plastic button and it came out. How did he grind the button until it turned into powder? Then he put this powder into a glass of water. This glass of water is red, just like my Giang wine. Is it fishy ? Pour him into the spicy sauce. He just held three sticks of incense, three sticks of incense and this glass of water. He put it right on my rice cooker. He read the note. So I don't know, he read it all the time. After a while, when will he put it in front of my mouth? He said to drink it right away. It's extremely fishy, but now I say no. I'm bored with life and don't want to live anymore because I'm sad anyway. If we broke up, I could die if I drank it and then he would drink it and the teacher would say, Come here today, then come the next day and have the same shirt. I'll pull out the second button from the top and count down for you. I heard that the button next to the button on your shirt just pulled it out so you took out that button and went to that girl's house to hear what you did, I don't know what to do as long as you bury that button right in front of the house. It's okay. Maybe it's mine and bury it in the yard. If the yard is lined with ceramic tiles and can't be buried there, then bury it on the street as long as it's right in front of his house. Thank you. He drove his friend home until the next day and did exactly as the teacher said. He shook the shirt button from top to bottom and the second button crossed the pool and pretended to ask about him, that's all. say it because he went out into the yard and pretended to sit down and put his shirt buttons down, no one noticed. The button was so tiny. Then he went home and it seemed like he had done it. When he buried the shirt, After finishing the buttons, about a week later, Hien, my second brother, was fine. He called me and said C, does he know a guy who specializes in real estate? Let me see if I can buy your house. I'll sell it to you. Where can I sell cheap houses? Can you introduce me? Because I know you know some friends who specialize in real estate. Because you know why? My house is in so much trouble right now. Come take a look at my house. If you can sell it, then sell it. Now I'm in too much debt. In general, I don't know this shirt button. I buried it there, does it have anything to do with the story of my brother selling the house or not? I don't know anymore. After selling the house, around that time, even though we broke up, we broke up, but I was still sad. Part of it is that I'm still angry, it's very angry, part of me is that I still love, angry, angry, but love, I can't let it go. God doesn't know what to do anymore, so I just keep drifting away from friends. Wherever he invited me to go drinking, I went. That day, I also went drinking with a group of my friends. I went to a party at someone's house and then it was the second party that invited me to go to a karaoke bar. I don't know anymore. Because now he's all fishing rods and coming here to sit, he must be calling for peaches. That's why it's the mother and mother in the empty house who have come out with an unexpected peach. Earth It was too late to meet someone from the past, then he met Lanh, his ex-girlfriend who had just broken up a while ago. I also knew that his friends were sitting with him, but I told you to take care of it yourself, right? Then when I meet your girlfriend, as usual, she will leave or call someone else. For example, it's just me. It's probably because there's no love but meaning, I can see that now the time between us two I didn't talk so I just let him sit and let him talk to me and then the two of us got close to each other and started talking normally again, she also used good words. sweet with me, she brings up old stories, let alone l Yes, that's it, my dear, I love you. Let me go because I have a reason, I have my suffering. That's why I keep contacting you. I can't see you anymore, you're avoiding me, maybe we've loved each other for years and two years about this, but you don't want to see me anymore? I swear to heaven and earth, I only love myself. Just leave me alone, I'm just going around talking nonsense with other guys, oh my God, I'll just sit next to you and stroke and stroke and talk and talk and talk over your arm like that, like you're drunk and like you miss your friend My girlfriend too. Let's be honest, I still want to go back there. After that meal, after drinking this, that, that, and that, we started getting to know my ex again while we were in the mood. That's why I said it's over now. Forget it all. Nothing's wrong. Anyway, during the time we were apart, I missed you so much. Now we get to know each other again until the next morning. Whoever's house is back? I lie down. at my house. I've calmed down. In general, I really want to get to know each other again, but my feelings for this Lanh girl don't seem to be as strong as before, like I love her. But I don't think there's anything wrong with it. But don't worry about it as long as we can still play together. So we continue to go back and forth together. We take each other out to eat, hang out, and even have things together. We've known each other for about 4 months and on the day of the fourth month, surprisingly, it happened to you. I'm pregnant, but it seems like you're also a patient. What month has it been since the time we met? Do you remember? Look at my belly, it's a little protruding. It's protruding. That's right. When I looked down at her belly, I saw that it was a little protruding. I was a bit skeptical. Then I said yes. With this girl, I'm not sure that the baby is mine anymore because of her personality from then until now, I know it's because I'm too lenient, I know she sleeps with one guy after another, but it's because I accept it. If I accept it, I'll have to give birth to the child to know if it 's his child or not. I'm pregnant so how can I know? During that time, I'll get used to it. However, I'm still skeptical. Well, he kept hesitating, he said he was sure this fetus wasn't mine, it was someone else's. That's why it had so many doubts that its feelings were no longer encouraged. It wasn't until about a week later when I went to Ba Pagoda in Binh Duong or something on the way back that I saw my girlfriend sitting in a restaurant eating with that Lam guy. The two of us sat together and fed each other like that. Could it be that you didn't know by looking at me that you were too hot inside? You didn't run away. You ran past that shop. You stopped the car to let them know that you had discovered it. Now he stopped there and then started to turn his head away. This girl didn't chase her or explain anything, but about half an hour later she called Mr. C and begged her to tell him. Now go run to the cafe and I'll talk to you. It's not what you see. I'll avoid him as usual. I'll cut off all contact. I don't want to talk anymore. This time, I'll cut it off. It's true but that's okay. I also want to talk somewhere clearly. I immediately showed up, cursed once, then I gave up and went back to that cafe. I also met him sitting here. He begged me so much. He always said, please forgive me. Today he asked me to go out to eat, not to eat. He took that picture and told me that's why I went with him. Do n't you dare say anything else, what a girl like you, even if you've been with me for 10 lifetimes, you'll never find true love. Why did you go away when you knew me? I have accepted this guy for you many times. I know that if you don't have feelings for him, there's no way you can sit and eat lovelessly with him, if you're sure. You know her, but why do you know me so that I have to suffer day and night? I miss you and you go to sleep, this guy, that guy, now you're telling me that that pregnancy is mine, do you think I believe it? while you know me, you sleep with one guy after another, sometimes it's a group pregnancy, because today I tell you I love you so I'll leave it at that But I hate you so much I'll never let you go I'm not going back to a rotten person like you. I've never seen a woman like you who's so dirty. Don't say another word to me. I'll say it out loud for the whole restaurant to know. Everyone knows your face. Don't you ever beg me again I'm going home I purposely said it loudly so people could see that they'd go home but after I finished talking I went home this Lanh girl she's also home she went home From that day on, it seemed like he had really broken it off two or three times and then, like in the previous breakups, she would constantly come to the house to contact her and find ways to get along. talking and begging, hoping he would come back to her. But this time, she just kept silent and cooed. She didn't beg. She didn't contact him. She didn't even look for him . He also returned to his life, but when It's always sad. It's not like breaking up is happy. The person who took the initiative to break up with that person hurts more than the person who broke up with her. Mom, I'm not worthy of having to know someone. Women were so mean until about 3 months later, then suddenly I don't know why during that time, I said. Every time around 8:30 to 9:00 pm, I keep getting very hungry. I don't I want to stay at home but I just want to take my car and run out into the street, run to find my wife, I don't know what else to do, I run and go and go, I run aimlessly, I don't know which direction to run, whichever way I run. On the way home, I ran like that until about 10 o'clock, some 11 o'clock, then ran to three narrow alleys and then some street. It was so dark, I didn't know the way out. I had to ask someone before looking for it. I don't know how to get back to my house. It's probably about half a month or two weeks, and almost every night I take my car and drive, sometimes far, sometimes short, until that one day around 9:00. Last night, I took my car out of the house and ran. He said he kept running and kept running, not knowing his destination or where else he wanted to go in the process of running. He couldn't think a single thought. It was like his head was blank like that until he stopped at a certain point and then he suddenly remembered saying damn where are you? Where did the house go? I just ran around and around in that place. I saw that the shops and restaurants were now preparing to close. It was already dark. Luckily, I stopped by a shop that sold food. In front of that shop, there is a sugarcane juice cart. That lady is working hard on the sugarcane juice cart. She pushed the cart right in and then I turned it back on. He said, sister, can you tell me where this road is? What is the street and where is it because here there is no sign with the name of the street? I just asked Where are you taking me? I came here to ask for directions. So I'm going to look for my friend's house. Are you or something? I said yes, I'm an embroiderer but I don't know any other way. She said Oh my god, I'm an embroiderer, but I don't even know how to embroider. She also gave up and settled on this street, Nguyen street. Van Tiet is in the driver's seat, honey, do you know? So my sister ran all the way here and you don't know where you are? Are you crazy? I really don't understand what I'm doing. I 'm standing there filming for a while. Hey, suddenly I saw in the house of that lady selling sugarcane juice, there was a man who walked out wearing dirty clothes. Lan was naked like he was getting ready to go to sleep. He just came out and said Oh my god, who is evil? Are you so cruel? Are you evil? I asked you. Who is evil? What are you doing? You said you were evil. Drive said I said people are evil. Turn the car around and go inside. I'll tell you. I'm also very arrogant. It's not like I'm a relative or someone I know. Why did he suddenly invite me into his house? What's going on? But he walked right in. Look what he's telling me. Right after that, the man This guy just took me into his house. He just closed the door and just stepped into the space in his house. It's completely different from what I thought. Usually normal four-level houses. I didn't think it would be like a shrine inside. Because he worships a lot of Buddhas and saints like those from Thailand in Cambodia, I don't know. But he said it exactly like that. On the other side of the pagoda, there are people all dressed up like a royal child, standing right in the middle of this place. Listening, standing here, I put my hands together and read the name, date, month, year, year, year, where I am, where I am now, and read over and over again, how it was. When he came out here, he took out a bunch of burning incense sticks and he lit a whole bunch and he said the smell of this incense is very strange. It smells strange. Is it a room or something? he closed the glass door completely, not a single nose could get in. I mean it was glass to that extent and then he lit the incense stick and walked around my body like that. He walked for about 1 minute and started stop, he took his mouth, he read it like that. Stop again, blow the breath from his mouth, hold the incense stick in front of his mouth like that, blow on my body each time and listen. Then I saw a very light breath, but through the incense stick, it was like there was something like that. It streaked straight into my body. It was so cold that it made me shiver. It was very funny while The door was closed and he didn't open it, but he blew about a dozen times, but every time it made me shiver, I felt like he was deliberately pushing something from inside my body. So I feel like that's it, I'm a bit tired. This guy said that you have a photo of number 34, but it doesn't have a picture of that card, take it out and give it to me. Luckily, I always have it with me. Mr. Vo took out his wallet and showed it to me. He took that picture and put it under the altar's ass, stuffed it in there and then went out. Tell her to make me a glass of water to sit down and drink to relieve my tiredness. Then when I got home, I went out. Outside the house in front of that cafe, I was sitting there when his daughter gave me a bottle of mineral water to drink and he asked, Uncle Uncle in the house, is he a teacher? In the past, his sister's father went to the battlefield in Cambodia. When he went there to serve as a soldier, he only learned three magic spells from the teachers in Cambodia. Then when he returned home, he and his sister set up an altar for him. Actually, my dad also knows, but he didn't swear, honey, it's not like I'm introducing this person or that person, it's just helping an acquaintance, especially my dad could be collecting debt for someone else. I'm like, if someone borrows my debt and they want to take the money, I can only get it back and that person will automatically bring the money back to me. One way or another, but that's all. If my dad can do it, then there must be a fate , not just anyone who can find him. Luckily, today suddenly my baby stopped by my house and his dad went out there. He did a lot of work for that house. People came here to ask, but my dad can't do it. I really can't do it. It's not like I'm doing any spiritual business. I do it a lot. Sometimes it's not good. Like my sister, she honestly shared it like that, but she's talking like that. Then he came out and asked, Uncle, who cast a spell on me ? What was this charm? Can you tell me? He shook his head and didn't say anything. That's it. Okay, now my body is healthy. Okay, don't get caught by anyone's negative charm. I just gave this uncle money. But he didn't take it. He said no, I won't take it. Give me the money. I'll take the money. I'll get sick again, that's all I feel. Thank you, I went home and said Yes, go home and take care of your health. Anyone who can contact you, contact anyone who feels like they are not good to you, then stay away. Right after that dinner, I went home and went to sleep. I saw a dream like that. I saw that I was sitting on a truck like I was the driver. Sitting in the next seat was a girl. That person I didn't see clearly at first. But after running for a while, her face clearly appeared to be the face of my ex-girlfriend, but especially in the middle of where the two of them sat, there was another girl, she was so small . It keeps hugging my waist, Mr. Lai can't sit down, it's tickling me, it's tickling my ribs like that. I'm so tickled, I don't know how I'm driving, but I just crashed straight into a car. Another car hit me, it was like the ball was completely gone, the sadness was like that and then my mind passed by. I felt like I was standing outside the accident. When I looked in, I saw that I was still sitting on top. The front of the car, as for my girlfriend and the kid's boy, fell on the road and then the wheel of the other car was completely flattened and all I saw was that I was walking back and forth with those two corpses. There was no one around and there was no one in that car. There were only three people. You and the two bodies lying on the road. I figured I pulled these two bodies out of the wheel well because it was too much. She's my ex-girlfriend, but when you grabbed my hand and pulled me up, it was too strong. However, this hand grabbed me and pulled me down like that. It made me want to throw my head down with that sugary face. Then when he pulled away, he was out of that dream. As soon as he was out of the Dream, he saw that he was lying on his side, lying on his side facing the wall, but at that time he was not yet awake. Even though he wasn't fully awake, he was still a little dizzy. He felt like he was lying across from him, so he saw that he was lying there, but why did he have half of his body? It looked like his body was broken. It was so broken, but its face sounded so broken that three pieces of wet meat flowed out, and the package lay there. What was even more terrifying was that I saw in the wall, the little child that was sitting next to me in my dream. It was lying in the field, it was as clean and flat as a healthy child. It was like someone had carried two bodies from the accident onto your bed, lying next to you. It was cold, it turned around, opened its eyes, and swapped it. Look at me like that oh my god I can only chant Buddha's name I chant for a while then I open my eyes again I open my eyes I don't see anything I'm still lying in my room alone and there's no one So a while ago it was like I had two dreams like that, just a dream. Husband had another dream like that, a dream within a dream. A while ago, I escaped the accident dream and I haven't escaped the second dream yet. At that time, it must have been a dream too. At that time, I thought, will God ever heal? He played a magic spell on me, and now he has escaped and entered a ghost. He has become a ghost. God thinks so, but I don't think anything of it. During that period of time, almost every day, I dreamed a dream filled with a fatal accident, not until about 2 months later. That day, I went to a cockfighting game and met a group of my friends. Then we met another good brother , Lanh's second brother, and after we finished playing, we met each other. The second brother asked, " What do you know? Ms. Chung. What's the matter?" He said he was good, he died, he died. It's been two months. Because I saw that you two don't know each other anymore and I didn't tell you what to do. I'll see you today. I told you already that he's dead. He said Oh God. Is that so? Hai Lanh is like that. His brother was hit by a car and died. I don't know what you did. I heard about two months ago that he thought he wouldn't go to work at that shop anymore. He came home and told me that it was like every night. He wasn't in the house, you know, he was wearing pajamas that weren't loose and loose like that. He went out on the street, I don't know who to look for. Maybe he was looking for a car or something? When he went out, he carved the front of the car like that, oh my god. When people see a car like that, they're scared to death. Do you know that this road has a big car? It keeps kicking it. I also ask it to go to this house and that. I don't think much about it. One day, one day. Well, that night I also put on my pajamas. I went out and walked absent-mindedly like that. That truck. It couldn't brake in time and it rolled over and died. When I heard that, I got goosebumps. I remember. I remember your dreams. I remember the things about the spell that my ex-girlfriend once did to me. What do you say? It's so similar to my expressions when I was under the spell. I also took my car and ran but didn't know how to run east and west. I ran to find someone and ran. Later, when I removed the charm, he ran like me, but I was lucky. I didn't die, but he died. So when he died, he didn't accept it. Go It comes back in my dreams and it still pulls at me. Anyway, you're dead and that's the end of the love relationship between me and this Protestant girl. Let's go. I won't discuss the relationship much more. This love too, I really want to forget it many times, but I can't forget it. It keeps haunting me, especially my recent dreams, and listening to this, the story of This guy also ended before the end of the story.


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