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Learn to get rid of

by Gloria Turner 2 months ago in advice / self help
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It is also wise to get rid of something useless.

Learn to get rid of
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When you have seen many ultimate truths, it often leaves you speechless.

In anyone's life, there are some unknown sufferings and tribulations that make us explore from the darkness, when it is a very lucky thing if there is a light that can illuminate the darkness, and if not, it is impossible to give up the steps forward.

Everyone is alone in this world, there are many things to face alone, to cross the river of their lives, over the mountains in their lives, even if the road ahead is full of dangers and bumps, but as long as we do not stop, we will eventually reach the end.

People feel that self-control is a very important thing after middle age, in this indifferent era, in this world of profit first, we slowly become less angular, but also do not want to go with the flow, to their so-called pride, ready to be expelled, do not like the intercourse on the break, do not like the people on the forget, do not like the things on the do not do.

We only need to take care of ourselves, not to live in the eyes of others, not to live troubled by life, not to the past and can not let go, not worry about the future, we can do only to live the life in front of us, not ashamed of themselves, this is their own life. So sometimes we have to learn to get rid of negative people and some useless things so that we can ensure that we live in peace and live comfortably.

There is nothing in this world that must be yours, do not be too sad to lose, just be sad for a while, life has regrets, it is normal to lose, some things are to get rid of, is to stop here, to be sober, but also to learn to accept openly.

Summer is a very dreamy season, the roadside flowers bloom blazing, the grass grows green underfoot, and the coffee house is located on the corner, a conspicuous position, order a cup of favorite iced Americano, sitting on the street seat, watching the passing people of all shapes and sizes.

In this dreamy world, it's not easy for us to get away from the crowd, people are herd animals, and we are going to be eliminated from the crowd completely. The world is really big, and we have a long way to go. Life is both long and short, so how can we prove that we have been here in this world?

Do you know that if you reach a certain height in life, then many things will naturally have an answer, all the confinement can not be in confining you, you can do whatever you want to do, and you can get away from the busy city that you hate and come to the life in the field that you long for.

Build a wooden house next to the river, and then build a glass flower house next to it, plant your favorite flowers, raise a group of your favorite animals, boil coffee in the coffee machine, drink your favorite iced Americano, and think back on the life you have lived.

Every day you get up early to take care of your lawn and flowers, watch the dew jumping on the leaves, the sun shining on your grass and flowers, making them look even more vibrant; at noon you stand at the top of a hill looking into the distance, where there is a lake with some animals gathered around drinking and playing; in the afternoon you go to the forest to pick some wild fruits and some mushrooms, and when you are tired you sit by the river and watch the butterflies fluttering in the forest and the little blue birds swimming.

No one can stop you from living the kind of life you want to live, life is wonderful, and what kind of life you live is up to you, there is no need to put so many shackles on yourself, do not hesitate to get rid of what needs to be cherished, never let down, this is a wonderful life.

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