If You Ever Felt Like You Couldn't Do Something That Most People Around You Do Easily, You Aren't Alone.

This favorite YouTube video might inspire you to think beyond your current physical state too.

If You Ever Felt Like You Couldn't Do Something That Most People Around You Do Easily, You Aren't Alone.
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2020: The year of essentials + my story of building trust in something greater than myself

At the beginning of Summer 2020 just as I was about to let out another audible cry, or rather melt down on my yoga mat feeling as broken as thousands of scattered puzzle pieces with the question,

do I even have all the pieces I need to feel whole and cohesive?

What happened next, though, started planting a seed of inspiration in me to trust more in unseen miracles in my life. To accept the physical challenges dealt to me as a means to learn patience and compassion towards myself so that I can share more of it to others in a capacity beyond anything that I could plan on my own.

A video that continuously teaches me to have patience amidst hard things

One of my best friends called and recommended a name to watch - Nick Vujicic. I discovered a plethora of hope from this 60 Minutes video clip and videos he shares on his own channel, Life without Limbs.

It's helping me expand my mind to want to do more good outside of my comfort zone - with less doubt that I am even incomplete or broken to begin with.

Be Careful What You Wish For (or tell yourself)!

When I watch the 60 Minutes segment with Nick Vujicic, I feel a part of myself in his story. That even though I am blessed with arms and legs to walk and swim... Growing up I enjoyed sports participation for the social growth it brought but often sold myself short to physical progress. The stories I told myself led to 1,001 made up reasons why I couldn’t do something which led to decreased practice and physical activity over time. I even told myself I couldn’t stretch into a specific athletic position because I didn’t have the right bone structure (which was entirely made up in my head, but I hope this article helps someone not make these same mistakes).

Until I realized as an adult where I am more active than ever, that the myths I used to tell myself when something was hard or "too much" were the crutches keeping me fixed. In some ways I still feel like I don't have full use of my arms and legs (evident in the stiffness that developed from imbalances of a lack of proper conditioning and physical development). But I am learning that with time and proper practice the stiffness can be turned into a more balanced range of controlled motion that promotes circulation and health. I am starting to see mobility as something changeable and not fixed. The challenges I face is a miracle of life to learn to accept, embrace, and love everyday.

Back to the video, watching a man with no arms or legs jump off a diving board and swim to the wall without external support opened my mind to what is possible and made me think about how much I and maybe some of you reading this might limit what is possible everyday based on something we either made up ourselves or learned in the society we grew up in...

Learning to be the victor instead of the victim

But above all his message of meeting life in a spirit of triumph regardless if the situation is pleasurable or of struggle struck me in the heart. The impressions that this positive outlook of joy, enthusiasm, patience, and an attitude of “how can I do this?” left is something I will cherish.

It helped me realize that I am not the sum of the situation I was born into but created to rejoice in life whether it sends me lemons or lemonade at any moment. Learning how to appreciate what I have and adapt to make the most of the short lifetime on Earth. Like Vujicic, by the same miracle that created me I can help lift others up knowing there are no pieces missing from the hand dealt to me. It’s all in how I or anyone reacts to the unique situations life hands us.

Thank you for sharing a moment that I hope grows exponentially leading to truth, joy, and blessings in your life.

I hope this inspired you to give thanks for things you didn’t immediately think to give thanks for and discover that despite what the world might think about us or even tell us on paper, we aren’t actually that broken.

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