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I miss you

Whispers of Heart and Hope, a Journey Through 31 and Beyond

By JulygwynetPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
I miss you
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Loyalty is the cornerstone of love, empathy, and understanding, and she sees a language of love characterized by shared experiences and attentive listening.

Dear him, do you recall agreeing to present her to your family at the end of last year (or so she thought)? Yet here she is, writing these sentences with a sense of desire. If you come across this, contact her immediately to avoid breaching the pledge she made to her parents. She longs for and misses him so much that she can't help but fantasize about running home, where he (and their future child) awaits. Cooking together, cleaning up after supper, watching movies, and discussing the trivialities of the day become her everyday aspirations—dreams that extend even further into hopes and future thoughts.

Prepare to hear the funny and occasionally foolish thoughts of a naughty and feisty 31-year-old woman. Despite her adult look, her ideas appear to be older than her years at times. Could it be because of a 'lack of him'? (She laughs).

In her own words, she is not monetarily endowed, lacking the millions or a city residence, and she admits to feeling a tinge of despair at times. She is not frail physically (she stands 1m59 and weighs 54kg). Internally, she juggles strength and fragility, frequently experiencing doubt yet rallying with a determined smile. She's dainty and feminine, particularly when she meets the proper person.

If he can forgive her flaws in order to investigate more, she is a practicing Catholic from the quiet Central region, with a loving family and a life of freedom since the age of 18. Her university days were defined by hard labor, pride, and self-assurance in her work. Most significantly, her spirit is strong and hopeful, allowing her to weather life's ups and downs. She also adds tenderness, loyalty, and warmth, which she believes only he deserves. Is he up for the task? She grins.

She wishes for a partner who would stick to his word and is, of course, unmarried. A man who will love her and work with her to make her life lovely now and in the future. They will not be discouraged by difficulties; they will stand together in failures; they will enjoy abundance; and they will embrace happiness. Is this too much for you? She smiles.

She believes in empathy, compassion, and loyalty when it comes to love. She isn't put off by distance, age, or even the fact that he has children. Difficulties do not frighten her; she believes that sincerity and patience will lead to a better future.

Her appearance does not fall into the "beauty above all" category, but she is attractive. She enjoys going to the gym, she is in good health, and her body is changing for the better. Instead of being late, he should arrive early to see her beauty before she becomes unattractive. If her appearance doesn't bother him, he can skip the arrival drama.

Before anyone begins throwing stones at her (if they do, she'll catch them - she chuckles), she admits to being moved by Taylor Swift's song "Anti-Hero." "Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby, and I'm a monster on the hill, too big to hang out, slowly lurching toward your favorite city..." she says. She hopes he's tall so she doesn't feel this way while dating him. If his height isn't an issue, he can just write her a note.

In the quiet depths of her heart, she holds onto a fervent hope, a longing that they will cross paths soon. Every passing moment feels like an eternity as she yearns for the day when their stories entwine. The anticipation dances within her, creating a symphony of emotions that echo the melody of a connection yet to unfold.

Her soul echoes with the silent whispers of affection as she eagerly anticipates learning more about him, like turning the pages of a novel, eager to discover the chapters that lay ahead. In the quiet hours of solitude, she often finds herself lost in thoughts of him, a wistful smile playing upon her lips, a tender ache in her heart.

Yet, amidst the hopeful anticipation, there's a poignant sense of yearning. She misses him with a depth that words can scarcely capture. Each day seems incomplete without the echo of his laughter and the warmth of his presence. In the vast tapestry of emotions, her yearning is the thread that stitches the fabric of their yet-to-be-shared journey.

With every beat of her heart, she sends out a silent plea to the universe, hoping that destiny weaves their paths together, creating a tale of love and connection that transcends the ordinary. For now, she waits, a soul tethered to the possibility of a shared future, each heartbeat echoing the sentiment – "I miss you dearly, and I long for the day our paths converge.


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Inhale life, exhale narratives, poetry, prose, and fleeting and harmonious moments. A perfectionist who enjoys crafting and repurposing words. I write for the simple pleasure of forming patterns and words into images on a blank page.

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  • Tebello Matsela3 months ago

    Beautifully written ❤️👏🏿

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