I Am Going to Be a Grandmother by the Age of 27

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A Gorgeous Granny With a Green Thumb

I Am Going to Be a Grandmother by the Age of 27
Image by Engin_Akyurt on Pixabay

My dream home is a place of peace.

A place of sanity.

And a place of hope.

There is no unnecessary chaos in my home.

And this idea shall be embedded into the walls of my future home.

Plants will lay on the floors, hug the walls and kiss the windows so much to the point where they might as well pay rent.

The air will be so fresh and crisp that my company will never know stuffy air.

The fact that I say this is actually quite scary due to my many attempts at raising a plant and failing each time (don’t laugh, I am very sad about it).

My Sweet Jasmine Plant, Jasmine, During the Summer of 2019

Jasmine Taking Her Last Breaths in Late December

I accidentally left Jasmine outside during a typical Canadian snowstorm. I had put her out onto the balcony to give her some sunlight. The next morning, the first snowfall of the winter started. Of course, it had to be the one day I chose to award myself and sleep in after a long week.

I have since retired from owning plants. I don’t want to be irresponsible and buy more knowing that I am incapable of taking care of them. Even in the age of technology and information, I STILL CAN’T DO IT. However, I do plan on mastering my green thumb slowly but surely.

The plain bright green color of a plant, for some reason, brings my heart so much calm joy. They don’t have much going on but are still so refreshing to look at. I want a million of them in my home.

When I do master my green thumb, my dream room will feel so undeniably special.

So if you visit my home in the future, expect an entire room dedicated to herbs of all sorts.

There’s going to be aisles and aisles of plants like one of those shops in a quirky indie movie.

You will literally be able to smell the color green.

The room will obviously be surrounded by glass because… well… it's a greenhouse. The door leading to the outside will have a clear glass panel that shows a beautiful vast plain of Buffalo grass.

I won’t lie. This kind of scares me due to the amount of scary movies I’ve seen with the typical stalker watching an attractive female character through her huge windows but I just want the greenhouse of my dreams without being murdered, man. At least I’ll die a good-looking woman.

I will often leave these doors open in the day time (this really isn't helping my case). Unless you’re there to water my green children, please don’t break into my home.

I will do this to allow birds of all sorts to fly in. I don’t want to domesticate them. I just want them to have a safe place where they can rest and enjoy the nice bird bath that awaits them.

I mainly imagine those small yellow and blue budgie birds. My family owned a few when I was younger.

Image by Uschi_Du on Pixabay

I would also like this room to have a tiny waterfall that trickles lightly during all hours of the day. I would love to watch the birds land on the small open rock that collects its water, make a quick splash then fly off.

Finally, for me, I want one single wooden rocking chair right in the middle of the room so I have a front and center view of my beautiful design. I’ll have bird seed in my hand so the nice budgies can know I’m their friend.

I don’t know if you’re picturing an old granny while reading this because of the rocking chair but, just to clarify, I am about twenty-seven in this future dream. Considering how completely ideal this entire idea is, I better be married to Bill Gates or something.

That room will be my peace and joy and probably where I’ll spend most of my time alone.

An Example of the Type of Windows, Plants and General Ambiance I Want for My Greenhouse (Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay)

I expect the rest of my house to carry the same soft, cool and calm demeanor but more toned down.

The cupboards of my kitchen will be a smooth white, the sink a clean silver and the windows letting in maximum light for maximum enjoyment.

The house isn't super big but still has enough space where I can feel free.

My front yard will have a nice stone pathway surrounded by healthy grass with the freshest morning dew. My children will subconsciously enjoy the earth as they roll and play around, spraying water guns at each other.

I’ll drink a quick glass of water from the tap and sit on a chair watching them, making sure they're safe and kind to each other.

My dream home has no chaos.

Angell Roulez
Angell Roulez
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