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Monk And Donkey Story

By PratikPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a father and son. They were planning to travel to a faraway land with their donkey. They packed their belongings and embarked on their journey. Little did they know that this journey would teach them a valuable life lesson about self-acceptance and staying true to oneself.

Traveling with the Donkey

Their journey was long, encompassing the crossing of numerous towns, hills, and deserts. To make their travel easier, the father decided to let his son ride the donkey while he walked beside them. This way, they could conserve their energy and reach their destination more comfortably.

The First Town: The Young Man on the Donkey

When they reached the first town, the townspeople stared at them and whispered amongst themselves. One of them loudly criticized the young man, saying how rude and disrespectful it was for him to be sitting on the donkey while his old father was walking in the sun. The comment embarrassed the father and son, and the boy immediately got off the donkey, insisting that his father should ride it instead.

The Second Town: The Father's Selfishness

In the second town, a similar scenario unfolded. The people there looked at them and started talking. This time, one of them loudly accused the father of being selfish and irresponsible. They believed that parents should always prioritize their children's comfort, even if it meant they themselves had to suffer. According to them, the father was merely comforting himself by giving pain to his child. Once again, the father and son felt embarrassed and exchanged their positions.

The Third Town: The Traveler's Foolishness

As they reached the third town, laughter and mockery filled the air. The people there found it foolish that the travelers had a donkey but chose not to use it. They questioned the purpose of having a donkey if they were not going to ride it. Feeling stupid and ashamed, the father and son decided to ride the donkey from that point forward.

The Fourth Town: The Cruel Riders

However, their decision did not bring them the acceptance they sought. When they reached the fourth town, the people taunted them once again. They criticized the father and son, proclaiming how cruel and abusive they were forburdening the poor donkey with their weight. The townspeople believed that the riders should show mercy to the donkey and get off it immediately. Overwhelmed with guilt, the father and son realized the error of their ways and got off the donkey.

The Wise Monk's Advice

Feeling disheartened and not knowing what to do next, the father and son stumbled upon a monk sitting under a tree on the outskirts of a village. They approached him and shared their story, explaining how they had tried so hard to please everyone they encountered on their journey, only to be met with criticism and ridicule at every turn.

The monk listened patiently and then burst into laughter. He told them not to bother about what people say. According to him, it is in people's nature to criticize everything, and they will always find something to complain about, regardless of what one does. He advised the father and son to focus on doing what feels right and good for them, rather than seeking validation from others.

The Key to a Meaningful Life

The story of the father and son and their donkey holds a deep truth about life. Their attempt to please everyone and conform to the opinions of others only resulted in more complaints. People often judge without seeing the whole picture or being fair. Instead, the key to an honest and happy life lies in being loyal to one's own beliefs.

Be True to Yourself

Changing ourselves constantly to fit in with others can be exhausting and lead to sadness. It is crucial to remember who we are and stay true to ourselves. The monk's advice serves as a reminder that trying to make everyone happy is an impossible task. No matter what choices we make, there will always be someone who disagrees or finds fault. Rather than trying to meet everyone's expectations, we should focus on what we believe is right and follow our own path.

Embrace Criticism as Growth

Instead of being discouraged by criticism, we should embrace it as a sign of growth and individuality. Listening to our hearts and staying true to ourselves leads to a more genuine and fulfilling life. It is a reminder that we cannot please everyone, and that's okay.

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  • Jagdish Kumar 5 months ago

    Motivational Story

  • Pritam5 months ago

    I read this story and mindset is change. Thank you to write this type of motivational stories.

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