How to Stay Motivated After Dropping Out of University

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How to Stay Motivated After Dropping Out of University

Today, I am going to share my storyand some advice about said story.

2016, I was a senior in High School. I chose a University to go study in the following September.

Everything went well until the start of the second semester in February 2017. Then the pressure of school, and rather the thought of what would come after the end of it, flushed over me. I had no clue what kind of job I would be able to land after my studies. The degree I was aiming for would have given me ways to become either an English teacher, a translator, or something in that branch. But the more I researched about it, the more I found absolutely no interest in those possible jobs.

Allof this led to an existential crisis. University was not my thing and I realised that spending another two or four years in classrooms would be nearing the impossible. The best decision was to stop everything while I still could, and then look for something else to do instead.

During this dark, full of self-hatred time, I was lucky to have a few people helping me through it. Luckily, my parents supported my decision to quit University. I can't imagine how hard it must be to decide to drop out only finding out your parents won't listen and pressure you into continuing studying something you dislike.

Then started the quest to find what to do the next school year.

Here starts the advice part of my article:

1: Get back on your feet.

Dropping out certainly has been emotionally draining. At least, it was for me. You need to take time for yourself. Take care of your body and mind. Family and friends will be of great support.

Surround yourself with positivity. It's fine if you still sometimes feels stressed by Uni although it's over now. Accepting your own decision is part of the healing process. If there's anything you're passionate about, pour your soul into it, don't give up on things you like.

2: Time for research.

Now that you're feeling better, it's time to look for something to do the following school year, or the one after. The best thing is to start by making a list of your capacities, wants, and needs. Then, explore the possibilites that are available to you.

Go see a school counselor, and look up different schools that seem interesting. It may not be effective quickly, but researching is the best way to keep yourself busy while waiting.

Doing something else, like volunteering, getting a part time job, getting your driving liscence. Something on the side that feels grounding, real, may help you stay focused on your main goal.

3: Success.

You did it. You stayed motivated and positive after dropping out of University. It may have been rough, but after doing your best to find a new goal, whatever kind of education or job you're working towards to, you can be proud of yourself for not giving up, not losing faith in yourself.

Of course, nothing regarding Education and the Working world is easy for young people fresh out of High School. But with time and perseverance, you will find something that interests you.

For myself, after months of looking for what could be best for me, I finally stumbled upon the fact that there's away to combine all things I like into a dream job. I will start Flight Attendant school next March, and hopefully succeed in that field.


Don't stay alone your distress. Seek help, then find out what's the best for yourself. Stay motivated and positive, don't give in to self-hatred, and stay true to yourself.

I hope this article will be of some help for young people like me who wonder what kind of future they have in this world. Don't give up!

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