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How to Recreate Yourself in Three Simple, Yet Profound, Steps!

by Osana Wasut 4 years ago in success
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By: Osana

Everyone wants to become the best they can be, we all want to make a good name for ourselves, to show up in the world and be remembered for the impact that we made and how many lives we changed along the way.

But, I have noticed that all too often there are certain things that hold us back from going after the dream life we want. Fear, fear, and more fear. Fear of what others might think of you, fear of not being good enough, trying something and having it not work out, or the fear of failing.

It's a common thing that almost everyone experiences at some level, so in this post I wanted to share with you just a few simple steps that you can take when you are recreating yourself to become the greatest version of you.

Realize that this won't happen overnight, but just becoming aware of these things can help you many times throughout your journey. Well, at least I know that it did for me, and I still think about these things quite frequently.

1. Realize that who others think or perceive you to be, is not who you truly are...

Just by being aware that their perspectives of you are just that, and you don't need to be who others think you are, you can and should follow your innate guide, or your intuition and go live the life you know you are meant to live... No matter who others said you are in the past.

—This one was huge for me to realize, because I had been living my life in accordance to who others thought I was, they told me I was shy, so that is who I became. It wasn't until realizing that this didn't define who I truly was, after all, that I was finally able to break free from the perspective of others.

2. Understand that your only limitations are ones that you create in your mind.

We are really unbelievably powerful, and our minds are highly creative, so what you tell yourself about yourself, is usually what you become. We often underestimate the power of our minds, and we tend to beat ourselves up all the time for the stupidest of things, and then we wonder why we can't seem to get ahead in life...

—For me, I struggled for many years with my weight, and even though I exercised every day and ate healthily, it still didn't show in the mirror. It wasn't until I started to tell myself, I can lose weight, and I can reach my ideal body, and really started to believe it, was when the weight started to melt away without any effort. I even was able to quit the gym and just go for nice daily nature walks, and the weight still fell off, because I truly believed I could lose weight.

3. Understand that you playing small in the world is not serving anyone, including yourself.

We tend to be afraid of our own power, we know we are infinite potential in a human vessel deep at our core, but on the surface we live in fear, afraid of everything that goes bump in the night. Some people are more afraid of speaking on stage than they are of death, and that is saying something! We are afraid of many things, but what others think is a big one. We crave acceptance and validation from others, but when you can give this to yourself instead, and learn to accept yourself, and validate yourself, without the need of it from others, that is when you can break free from the fear that holds us back and stop playing small. The world needs your service right now, and its really not serving anyone when you spend your days playing small in life.

—This was a big A-HA moment for me when one of my coaches told me early on in my journey that it was actually quite selfish of me to play small and not share my light with the world. She was right, although I didn't want to hear that at the time. I was afraid of my own light and the impact I might have on the world, but my fear was nothing compared to the disservice I was doing to humanity by not getting my message out into the world.


So there you have it, a few simple yet profoundly life-altering steps to creating a new reality, and life for yourself. I hope you gained some insights and can take something useful away from this post!

If you wish to work with me one on one, feel free to go check out my services. I offer a variety of options to suit your needs, and I bet that if you give me some of your time, I can see things that you've probably not seen before that can change your life, for the better, overnight!

Thanks for reading, and until next time, keep on shining that brilliant light of yours!

Namaste <3

Lindsay @ World Dreamerz

"Creating a Brighter World for the Future of Humanity"


About the author

Osana Wasut

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

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