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How to Overcome Procrastination with these easy methods

Understand how to deal with Procrastination

By Manjit Kishore VermaPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
How to Overcome Procrastination with these easy methods
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People are procrastinating daily without realizing they may end up with a complete fail. We invest our maximum time into something that wasn't the need of time. A person should involve their maximum time in building their own skills rather than wasting time.

Moreover, Most people procrastinate so that they can find some escape from the work but ultimately ends up doing the work late in time. They don't figure out the pros and cons of delaying their work. However, they understand the situation when their poor work reflects their poor result. Let’s understand What is procrastination? Why do we procrastinate? Is procrastination is normal or a disease? And can we overcome procrastination? and how to overcome procrastination with these simple tricks.

What is procrastination?

“Procrastination is an act of putting off the work that you should do till the day or time because you don’t want to do it”. It is the act of delay or posts ponding something. Simply and clearly, whenever you try to push your work or knowingly try or delay your work it is considered as procrastination.

Why do we procrastinate?

We don’t procrastinate unknowingly, there are certified reasons behind it. Most people procrastinate when they have to do some work against their will and that requires some sort of hard work. People also call it laziness so that they can hide their mistakes.

You will notice that a musician rarely procrastinate when they have to play music. Similarly, a doctor rarely procrastinates while treatment, and a class topper rarely procrastinates while studying. I'm saying they don't procrastinate, look everyone is a human being, however, they do not over do it.

People who procrastinate are the one who is least interested in the work given to them. For instance, if your girlfriend calls you, and tells you that she is home alone. No matter how much engaged you’re in your movie or a study or anything. You will take a shower and you’ll surely run to your girlfriend’s home.

On the other hand, if your mother will tell you to buy some goods from the nearest grocery store. You may procrastinate. That’s why I said earlier, procrastination occurs when the given work requires hard work without interest.

Is Procrastination normal?

Let’s assume if you are a student and you have an assignment due, given by your college, but you’re procrastinating so that you can enjoy your time in something else, say watching your favorite movie or shopping or maybe a date.

While doing all the unnecessary stuff you had wasted your time, Now answer yourself who will have to complete the task? Who will be responsible for it if you won’t be able to do your task?

It’s only and only you will have to face the cons if you will not focus on your work timely. Moreover, when you will try to do your work at the end moment, there may be chances that your hard work will not work accurately due to last-minute works.

When only you have to do your work nobody else, then why you wasted your time doing other things. Why face such problems as last-minute hurry, chances of incompetence, possibilities of not giving 100%, and the list goes on and on.

Although all of us has faced these issue once in their life and it is completely okay if you do it, but excess of it consider as a mental illness called Attention Deficit Disorder.

Can we overcome Procrastination?

Absolutely yes, All of us had faced procrastination once in our lives, but we overcome it as our responsibilities started overlapping us. Similarly, you can also overcome your level of procrastination. Just follow these basic rules and understand the depth. You are good to go then

1st Generate Interest

I won’t tell you to make your routine or follow it or I will neither waste your time talking about something which won’t work for you. It’s just that generates interest in things which you’re doing. If you are a student generate interest in reading or doing the various things it requires.

For instance, I’m a Journalism student and I’ve considered two, three art which is good for me as writing, therefore I write blogs, articles I had done so many internships in just my first year while doing as a content writer. Similarly, you can generate interest in your zone. Like if you want to be a musician just spent your time doing it, if you’re a sports person just invest your time making your game better.

And believe me, doing work of your interest will never let you procrastinate, rather you will push yourself for doing it.

2nd Be Rigid

When we start learning a new art in our life whether it is studying, swimming, or consider any work that requires potential and hard work. Our minds use to divert us from doing that work. Because our mind always seeks short-term enjoyment, it is made like that.

What we should do now? Be rigid, don’t lose patience. Even if you’re bored of reading only 2 pages of your book, just keep your focus there. Do the same process for the next 7-8 days and see the magic.

3rd Throw your phone

Understand one thing, your friend will not be going to feed your kids, neither your relatives. Only you will have to manage your pros and cons in the real world, no one will going to rescue you. Always keep your phone away when you’re at your work. Only receive necessary calls no matter who’s calling. The very same person you’re chatting with will leave you if you fail in your life. This is the actual reality but we deny it.

There were some of the basic tips to stand against procrastination, I can’t share each of the tips in the same blog as it will become lengthy. Please follow my other blogs also.

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