How to Magnify Your Focus

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Using the power of one

How to Magnify Your Focus
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One morning I decided I would sun gaze while training with the bo staff on the rooftop. I was trying to do both at the same time and learned a valuable lesson. This lesson came in the form of intense pain. There was a moment, as I was twirling the staff in my hand, that I looked towards the sun. In that moment, I was thwacked on the top of the head. The pain was sudden and sharp, but it got the point across. My first thought at this pain was actually a positive one. "Good," I said in my mind. I understood this was a sign that I had lost my focus. I lost focus because I was trying to do two things at once. It was a reminder for me to get smacked in the head by the very weapon I used for training.

In what areas do you lack focus? Have you been doing too many things at once? I found a method one day that has help me improve. I am excited to share this with you. You will excel in any arena with the right focus. With more focus you can be unstoppable. By applying the following method in your life, it will bring to light all of your weak points. Once you master this age old technique, you begin to see why it is so effective. This method is called the "Magnifying Glass" Method.

Laser focus

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Imagine taking a piece of paper and a magnifying glass outside on a sunny day. See yourself holding the magnifying glass and hovering it over the sheet of paper. As it catches the light of the sun you notice something amazing starts to happen. Focused on a single point, for a period of time, the paper starts to burn and catch fire.

Take that magnifying glass under the same circumstances, but make one significant change. Wave the magnifying glass around the paper, moving around to different spots. What starts to happen then? You guessed it, my friend. Nothing. Nothing happens because it is not focused in one area. Understanding this concept can change the whole game for you. The power of the sun is within everyone. When laser focused on a goal you can achieve great things. With this focus, you can make real progress.

Going deep

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Think of what this amount of focus can do in your life. How many tasks do you perform every day? Do you perform several at once or take things one at a time? Really investigate and ask yourself these questions. I can remember hearing Tyler Perry tell his success story. In the beginning, all he wanted to do was one play. There was no planning of anything further out than that. There was no mission of many million dollar movies. This allowed him to increase his focus. Think of Amazon and how it started it out selling books. First it was a humble bookstore, and now it is the everything store. At the time of this writing, the CEO Jeff Bezos is estimated to have a net worth of over $100 billion. It pays to start off focusing on one thing.

If you are someone who is always multitasking, doing two, three, four, and five things at a time, you may think that you are getting things done, but you'll find your energy split in many areas. With focus you can build and go deep instead of being surface level. Try not diving into so many endeavors. It can help you excel at a faster rate than you thought. It may even prevent you from getting smacked on the head.

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." ~Arthur Fletcher

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Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
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