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How To Get Your Shit Together

Note To Myself

By Valerie RosePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Listen you.

First of all, stop making excuses.

Friend: Why aren't you releasing your album?

Me: Oh, well the producers I was working with kinda screwed me over.

Friend: Do it yourself.

Me: Oh, but... I don't know. I don't have the right stuff.

Friend: Here's a mic, here's a guitar. Record that shit. Put it up on YouTube if you have to.

It's easier to list the reasons you can't do something over the reasons why you can/should do something. If you don't even try, you will never know. Sounds cliché but it's true. If you attempt something and it falls apart, at least you tried and you can say you failed but you know what to do better next time. If you keep making excuses and lay in bed binge watching Netflix, things are just never going to happen for you. You can't expect results without filling out your exam sheet.

Maybe that's not what I'm meant to do.

If you feel it in your heart that this is something you want, don't talk yourself out of it. It's worse than when someone else talks you out of it. You're only disappointing yourself. Write a list of things you want to do in life, whether that's career-related, or family, or love, or friendships, or maybe just wanting to go out for a jog. Think of ways you can accomplish it. Nothing is too far-fetched, no dream is too big nor too small. If you need help, ask for it. If no one around to help, GOOGLE!! Honestly I'm surprised more people don't use this amazing utility. If your dream is to become Donkey from Shrek, even that's possible! Seriously, you don't even have to stick to one thing. Don't let people tell you, oh you have to pick it and be that thing or do that thing forever. There are endless outcomes to the decisions you make. See what happens.

Cut out negative energy. Cleanse your aura.

I mean, I'm no Phoebe Buffay, but I know a thing or two about cleansing auras. Trust me when I say that there are people in your life that are anchors, that don't want good for you, or are just plain bad for you. CUT THEM OUT! It's hard and you probably can't do it right away but once you start realizing how toxic they are, you'll start to see how they've held you back. Sometimes it's not even people. It may be habits or relationships. You don't need that. I'm not saying you should go through life alone. Please don't. The beauty of friends is one that cannot be defined. But find people that think like you or have the same vibe as you. It helps you grow. It's not sad to make friends over the Internet. Don't worry, it's almost 2018.


This really depends on how old you are, but the earlier you start the better it is. Everyone's dream is to be settled down by the age of 30, financially, physically, relationship(ly) (not a word I know, -_-), or whatever you think being settled down means. But I happen to know 40-year-olds still struggling to find their true calling or they're still going from wife to wife. So there's no set time. BUT, the earlier the better. If you have credit card debt, as we all do, put chunks of your pay check into that and buy that green scarf later. If it's student loans, and they call you about that shit, hang up. Just kidding. You'll be paying off student loans for the next 30 years, if you're lucky. Cut down daily expenses. Build a really quick excel budget sheet, write down how much you spend on bills, entertainment, Uber, whatever shenanigans you don't tell people about, and break it down with how much you make every month. And if you don't have a job, stop spending money you don't have.


Start eating healthier, work out at home, do some meditation, and truly learn about yourself. If you're not comfortable with how you are and what you are, it's extremely difficult to have your life together. A really big thing for all you boys and girls, please stop comparing yourselves to these unrealistic Instagram models and celebs. They get paid to be like this and if you want that, that's great but don't cry over the fact that you're not like that. Just be you. When you've accepted who you are, trust me, you'll have all your shit together.


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