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How to boost your learning and self-improvement: the golden ratio of communication

How to learn and improve yourself: The golden ratio of communication

By HazimPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How to boost your learning and self-improvement: the golden ratio of communication
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We've to hear and one mouth, so we can hear doubly as important as we speak.

Of course, this might not be the real reason we've two cognizance and one mouth, but it does show a useful pattern that we see over and over again in communication in general.

Communication principally has two corridor transmission and event. These appear else depending on the medium, but the general layout is the same.

Textual communication jotting and reading

Verbal Communication Speaking and harkening

Visual Communication Show and See

Simply put, 2∶1 is the key.

still, we get commodity like this

If we extend Epictetus's maxim into a sober suggestion how to communicate more effectively.

When it comes to communication, you must work hard to admit doubly as important as you transmit.

In other words, hear doubly as important as you talk, read doubly as important as you write, and pay doubly as important attention as you admit. Let me unload that last one a little bit, because it's a little tricky.

When we're around other people, we can try to get attention, or we can concentrate on the people around us. The difference between the should be analogous to the difference between speaking and harkening- although it extends far beyond the sphere of verbal communication. It's about your station as a prophet- your communication intent. And the 21 rate helps remind us that we must communicate in a way that helps us to enrich and make connections.

Why have a 21 rate?

There are 2 ways a 21 baud rate damage helps you. they

When you pay attention to what you attract, you're greatly amended.

The further you open, the more you learn. The more you read, the more you learn. The more you concentrated on our others, the more you allowed about yourself. Knowledge and understanding( not inescapably the same thing) give a foundation for tone- enhancement. It's ironic that they can be achieved most effectively by fastening more on others and the work of others than on oneself and one's own work.

Interestingly, indeed if you tend to talk a lot and write a lot( like me), this 21 rate is veritably salutary for you. The more you read, the better you write. The more you hear( real active listening), the better you speak." Stylish" then doesn't mean" thing", but rather" advanced quality". So, if you read a lot, it tends to take longer. You will have further ideas to connect to other ideas about what you've read, and you will be exposed to further jotting styles. All of this gets stored in your mind and can only help your jotting. The same medium works fortalking.However, you can discover how to communicate more effectively, If you totally engage in true active listening.

When you pay attention to others, you relate better.

Your life is erected on the foundation of your connections. The better connections you have with others, the happier your life will be. There really is no better way to make deeper connections with others- both particular and professional- than by engaging others. Let them talk more, read what they write, do effects about them rather of you when you aretogether.However, they'll fete and appreciate it, If you are really trying.

Appreciation that others felt for your liberality will come back to help you. People are more likely to help you, more likely to give you the benefit of the mistrustfulness, and more likely to make defenses when you make miscalculations. All these effects are necessary to achieve particular and professional pretensions. It goes without saying that you need other people in your life to do really well- no matter what your pretensions are. Simply put, a 21 communication rate is a more effective way to connect with others in a deeper and richer way.

Quick tips to ameliorate 21 communication

Ask further questions.

When talking to other people, try to ask further questions than are asked. Ask for side dishes. Try to stick with it for a while and really absorb the responses you get.

stay 3 beats after someone speaks before speaking.

People are generally more willing to talk than weare.However, he'll explain what he has formerly said, If given the occasion. For you, the receiver, it means further information and better understanding.

Say a little lower than you feel like doing.

As I said in the former point, people are generally willing to keep talking when given the occasion. To be more open, repel the appetite. Of simplestatements.However, let them ask if they do, anticipate further guests in what you have to say, If people want explanation or explanation.

Make 3 quick compliances about others and make it a habit

To help you concentrate more effectively

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