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How to Believe You Are Enough

Eliminating Self-Doubt and Believing in Yourself to Transform Your Life

By Nathal NortanPublished 2 months ago • 4 min read
Jamie Kern Lima

What has self-doubt already cost you in your life? WORTHY is how you change that.

Imagine what you'd do, if you FULLY believed in YOU! When you stop doubting your greatness, build unshakable self-worth and embrace who you are, you transform your entire life!

WORTHY, was one of the greatest book I spent my weekend with, and while I was on this journey by Jamie K. Lima, I decided to note down very worthy ideas which are life-transforming and educative.

Jamie K. Lima teaches you how to take simple steps that lead to life-changing results! In her book, "Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life" the New York Times Best Seller explains how you could soar to great heights in life by just having that self-belief of worthiness. She said;

"In life, you don't soar to the level of your hopes and dreams, you stay stuck at the level of your self-worth. In your business, leadership, relationships, friendships and ambitions, you don't rise to what you believe is possible, you fall to what you believe you're worthy of. When you build your self-worth, you change your entire life. WORTHY teaches you how. I wrote WORTHY for YOU if you have some self-doubt to destroy and a destiny to fulfill!" - Jamie Kern Lima

Author Jamie Kern Lima's first, instant New York Times bestselling book Believe It, captured her journey of going from Denny's waitress to billion-dollar entrepreneur by learning to believe in herself. And now her second, much anticipated, just released book Worthy, is the playbook for how YOU can believe in YOU!

This isn't just a book; it's a life-altering journey that could redefine your self-worth. Here's a sneak peek at what WORTHY has in store for you: You can access a free book on audibles below:

Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life

🌟 The Power of Self-Belief: Discover how shedding self-doubt can transform your life from every angle - personal, professional, and beyond.

🚀 A Playbook for YOU: Jamie Kern Lima, the mastermind behind the instant New York Times bestseller "Believe It," shares her playbook for cultivating unshakeable self-worth.

💪 Break Free from Self-Doubt: If you've ever grappled with imposter syndrome, underestimated your talents, or let fear hold you back, WORTHY is your guide to breaking free.

🌈 Build Unshakable Self-Love: Learn the secrets to building genuine self-love, letting go of past mistakes, and embracing your true identity.

🔥 Roadmap to Fulfillment: Follow a step-by-step guide to achieving true fulfillment in life by changing what you believe you're worthy of.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! In WORTHY, you'll embark on a journey to:

✨ Get Unstuck: Say goodbye to things holding you back. ✨ Embrace Your Truths: Say hello to the truths that awaken worthiness. ✨ Eliminate Fear: Bid farewell to fear of rejection and failure. ✨ Transform Your Story: Rewrite your narrative and achieve your dreams.

If you've ever struggled with self-doubt, felt like you don't have what it takes...or that who you truly are isn't enough, even if you're really good at hiding it from the world, WORTHY is for you.

If you've been underestimating your talent and gifts, or battle imposter syndrome, WORTHY is for you. If you've been letting fear of failure and rejection hold you back, WORTHY is for you. If you've learned to please others so much that you end up betraying yourself, WORTHY is for you.

If you're sick and tired of what self-doubt has already cost you in your life, in your goals, in your relationships, and in your hopes and dreams, WORTHY is for you! If you're ready to expand your self-love, ignite your self-confidence and wake up your self-worth, WORTHY is for you!!

When you change what you believe you're worthy of, you change your entire life. This book is about how to do that.

Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life


• Get Unstuck from the Things Holding You Back

• Build Unshakable Self-Love

• Unlearn the Lies the Lead to Self-Doubt

• Embrace The Truths That Wakeup Worthiness

• Stop Dimming Your Light and Doubting Your Greatness

• Let Go of Past Mistakes and Restore Self-Confidence

• Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Embody Empowering Ones

• Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection and Failure

• Learn to Believe You're Enough Exactly as You Are

• Transform the Meaning You Give to Your Own Story and Identity

• Follow the Road map for Achieving True Fulfillment in Life

• Achieve Your Hopes and Dreams by Believing You Are Worthy of Them

• Embrace Who You Truly Are

And much more...

Are you ready to unleash your greatness and believe in the power that is YOU? Are you ready to finally stop believing the lies that you're unlovable, unqualified or not (fill in the blank) enough? Are you ready to triumph over the thoughts holding you back, destroy self-doubt and truly know and believe you have what it takes to accomplish your greatest goals and wildest dreams?

Imagine...what would you do if you had zero self-doubt and unshakable self-worth? What would you do if you fully believed in YOU?

In her narration, she expressed bitterly what self-worth can do to any individual. She gave an account of how she met Oprah Winfrey personally and how Oprah gave her, her number to call but guess what, she never did till five years later. The only reason was that she couldn't believe enough in herself to ever dream of having to do anything with the queen of the airwaves.

For a limited time you could pick a FREE copy of WORTHY on Audible one of Amazon's Audio Book Store. Just sign up for Audible for free and you can get WORTHY also free. It's a package.

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