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How To Be Successful

by Tiffany Wells 2 years ago in success
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It is subjective

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Growing up I was always told that inorder to successful in life you need to have money. Money is what makes the world go round and you can buy tons of things. You want a swimming pool well you need money for that. However in this day and age most of us will need a college degree.

College degrees are "sacred" pieces of paper that people will post fake rowing pictures for. Everyone wants this piece of paper and are willing to go into debt for it. It is the ironic part about this piece of paper, you need to to make money yet you need to spend even more money to get it. There are ways around this inconvience like scholarships, grants, and mommy and daddy's money. However, the thing about these methods are that hundreds of other paper seekers are seeking this roundabout way.

This is probably what causes many people to major in STEM (science, technology, enginerring, math) it is a popular field that has an average wage of $67,000 which can add up if you marry another individual who makes the same amount. So many cave into the STEM major in the hopes of making money. They may throw away dreams of the arts or humanities to conquer the goal of success.

Here is a question that I have asked myself, "What makes an individual successful?" Is it the money or the popularity? Perhaps it is the fullfillment of life. I find myself asking this question a lot as I lay in bed. It often makes me panic and wonder if I am following the correct path.

I was always told STEM was a good place to start for college. I have never been scientifically or mathematically inclined. I will admit that math makes me cry. It is embrassing having a break down over having to slove math problems, but it is the truth. My mind mashes numbers together and I get confused about what is going on. Science is okay, but I am usually not interested in the subject. I always found my self perfering English and writing. I always had a passion for writing. I would write short stories and give them as gifts to my family and teachers. The thing about creativity it is encouraged when you are young, but as you grow older it is squashed and critized.

Why are you wasting your time doing something so miniscule? Do something important? So we hide and do something that society deems imporant, squashing our creativity. We hide behind things that are deemed imporant and successful, but fail to realize that if everyone does the same that there will be no jobs in STEM. That is the issue. STEM is an amazing field, but when there are thousands upon thousands hopeful money making students going for the same job the chances of landing that said job grow smaller.

This is what happens with business. Business is an amazing major and many students are interested in business, but business happens to be the go to for individuals who are not sure what to pursue in life. STEM is becoming the new business in a sense. Humanities and the arts are left to ponder and take up jobs as baristas. We ask the english major what they plan to do. We remark about the hopeful filmmarker about how there are hundreds of other filmmakers what makes them so special? Dreams are squash for what society deems as successful.

We have to admit and come to terms that during the pandemic many have turned to forms of entertainment. We turned to Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube in hopes of being entertained. We buy art works to decorate our houses. We go to muesums to learn history. We ignore the arts when there is something else to be done, but now we are stuck at home forced to keep ourselves entertained. We praise films, but discourage the artists who make it work. We push many future artists to do a different field because what makes them so special.

But this brings the question I asked before what is success. Success should not be measured by society, but the individual which is difficult due to society's standards. But the individual should ask, "Am I happy?" You can be making all the money in the world, but if you are not happy are you truly successful. If money equates to success then none of us are successful in a sense because we don't make the most money in the world that prize goes to someone else.

We forget on our road to success to ask ourselves, "Am I happy?" We are too worried about making money that we forget about our mental health. Many say that you should not feel like you are working a day in your life, do something that makes you truly happy.

The answer to success to challenging. I do not what makes someone successful, but I think happiness it pretty close.


About the author

Tiffany Wells

Hi! I am currently in college and majoring in writing! Writing is my passion and I hope to be able to teach it one day!

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