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How to Batch-Produce Your Content

by Jordan Mendiola 19 days ago in goals

Boost your productivity without losing creativity

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You can create a month’s work of content in one sitting.

“Excuse me? That’s not possible” is what some people may be thinking but hear me out, it’s possible, and you don’t have to understand a complicated algorithm in order to do it. After nearly ten years in the content-creation world, I have come to the conclusion that batch producing is the ultimate cheat-code.

Imagine you want to bake twenty cookies for some guests coming over later. Would you rather bake one cookie for twenty days straight or just knock it all out in one sitting? The best solution is probably to do it all in one batch.

Whether it’s been creating five different YouTube videos in one day or writing three first draft blog posts, batch producing is a time saver. When you’re always running around taking care of your personal life, kids, work, family, and random emergencies, you can feel too overwhelmed to create.

Instead of stopping completely, you can dedicate days where you go all out. Want to know someone who kills it at batch producing? That would be Gary Vaynerchuk. He has posted content every day for as long as I can remember. Your future success as a creator can stem from just a few days of grinding and execution.

Let’s dive into the world of batch production to explore how and why you need to be taking advantage of this incredible opportunity.

How to Batch Produce Content

First and foremost, you’re going to need to create a document, list, or any type of organized feature that you can refer to.

A list in my notes is how I plan which articles I want to write for my blog.

A Google doc or spreadsheet is how I organize all the discussion questions I have for the Facebook groups I moderate.

TweetDeck is how I schedule tweets weeks and even months down the line.

Buffer is how I create pre-made posts for Instagram so that the content can be posted automatically.

The majority of social media websites offer ways for their users to schedule posts and take the stress of needing to be present off their shoulders.

As a content creator, social media manager, or someone trying to build a brand, it’s in your best interest to utilize the features these platforms set out for you. They are there for a reason, whether that’s to help you run a business or build your brand. Social media platforms understand the value of time by creating a queue section and allowing you to maximize output in the shortest amount of time.

Once your ideas are organized, create the best content possible

All you have to do is execute and create the content that you want to appear in front of your audience’s screens. If you already have a clear vision and goal, that makes the whole experience so much smoother.

In the Facebook investing groups I manage, my audience expects a discussion question in the morning, one hour before the market opens and gets them thinking. Your audience looks forward to seeing your posts daily at the same time, preferably. When they can get into a rhythm with the users they follow, they’re more likely to stick around.

Do you want to post daily at 8 a.m.? Once a week every Monday? It’s all up to you. You can use your analytics to see when your content gets the most traffic, and you can strategize from there.

When everything’s all queued and scheduled, you can sit back and relax

After all of the idea-generating, content creation, and scheduling is set up, then you get a chance to watch your setup do all the work for you. It’s reassuring to see growth happen while you’re focusing on the next project or even taking a break. Your audience won’t know, nor will they care whether you’re posting manually or automatically, they’re getting the value they’re seeking regardless. That’s the key takeaway.

While your posts are going up, you’re watching to see patterns, flaws, and successful moves to set up future posts. You have so much buffer time to make your next move, and that’s empowering. We know how to batch create content, but if you’re still not convinced it’s worth it, we can take a look into the why’s of batch producing content.

It Helps You Organize Future Content

Batch production is essential for coming up with ideas. Let’s use writing, for example. Say you sit down for your daily writing time. You could sit there and think about the perfect idea for twenty minutes, or you could prepare a list of every potential idea that way you’re ready to create plans for the future.

There will be days that we have the dreaded creator’s block and other days where we achieve a state of flow, and ideas keep pouring out. It’s essential to use these states of flow to create more than one idea. Everything just seems to connect and make sense at this moment.

It Eases the Stress of Staying Up-To-Date

I don’t know about you, but as a content creator, I like you to stay on a very strict schedule when posting a video or a blog post. Since I care so much about my audience, batch producing allows me to take a deep breath and have peace of mind.

To start, you can set aside one day for ideas, one day for drafting, and one day for editing. But ultimately, if you want to work from start to finish, that works great too (it’s my preferred method). Some days, I’ll take all the steps necessary for a complete article in one sitting. It’s powerful knowing that I can go a couple of days without writing if work at my job comes up or I feel burnt out.

The audience will still get what they want. You don’t want to leave your audience in the dust. Your audience deserves to hear your voice, read your words, and know that you’re still doing what you do best, and that’s producing content. Consistency will ultimately earn their trust.

It’s a Huge Time-Saver

So many hours and days can be wasted by not batch producing content, especially if you have to go out of your way to make time to create. What has worked for me?

As a social media manager, I set aside two to three hours every morning to sit in front of my MacBook, free from distractions. By framing my “creative time” in a way that I won’t just be creating one blog post allows me to manage my headspace, my focus, and creativity.

Sometimes it’ll take me one whole hour for a post, but other times it takes two. When you set yourself up for a batch production day, you’ll be able to finish a lot more projects, all within your boundaries for time. It may not feel like a perfect fit at first, but with some practice and repetition, you’ll get incredibly fast with your ideas and double or triple your productivity.

When you batch produce content, you ensure the long-term success of your creative driver to grow.

You’re Constantly Evolving as a Creator

If you think that batch producing your content will result in a bad reputation, I’m here to assure you it will not. Thanks to batch-producing, I’ve been able to publish at least one blog per day for the past five months and counting.

Some posts take off, and others fall flat on their face. But the main point is that I’m able to “show up” every single day thanks to batch production. My record is writing five articles in one day (4-minute reads).

Just because you’re working smarter, not harder, doesn’t mean you should feel bad. It means you should use that extra time to either create more or increase the quality. Like my creative role model, Gary Vaynerchuk says, don’t give a f*ck about what anyone else thinks. If you’re doing what you love and creating what makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

The Batch-Producing Endgame

If you are currently producing one piece of content per day, maybe try two. When you get comfortable being uncomfortable, that’s when you really start to shine. Having more content readily available means you have more of your work to market.

Growing as a creative can be a big numbers game. If you’re a monthly creator, explore what happens when you become a weekly creator. The opportunities are endless, the more you are on your grind.

If you are looking to spice up your creativity and your life, batch production will help set you apart from everybody else. You can boost your productivity without sacrificing quality.


Jordan Mendiola

Jordan Mendiola is a horizontal construction engineer in the U.S. Army, Mendiola loves hands-on projects and writing inspirational blog posts about health, fitness, life, and investing.

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