How to add life to our days during the Corona (covid-19) crisis

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How to add life to our days during the Corona (covid-19) crisis

People around us are scared. Scared of the unknown, scared of the virus, scared of dying. And of course they are, when many of us haven’t lived. What do I mean by that? Most people follow norms that eat them up, don’t fit them properly and that doesn’t leave space for their own individual thinking and way of living. Perhaps you ”should” get that degree, ”must” get that house and ”have” to work full time. Why? Simply because everyone else is doing so.

But what is this leading to? A civilization that doesn’t live according to their own ideals. And therefore many become silently discontent while their hearts are yearning for something else. It makes sense to be scared of something sudden and unknown with no cure yet, if you really haven’t had the chance to start your life so far. Of course, this might sting a bit. And this is not aimed at everyone. But if this is you, you’ll probably try to discard it as nonsense. Cause it might sting just a bit too much.

Part of the panic I would argue is due to this. People following norms that they don’t really want to follow that in itself creates a panic of dying, when you haven’t even lived. So, what could we aim at instead? To live fully. If you do so, the chances are higher that you won’t be so scared of the unknown cause you’ll feel so alive. I remember when I stared to live according to my own ideas and norms, it was like life opened up. I wasn’t scared of dying anymore, cause I felt like I truly lived to my full potential.

So I’ve got two advice for you:

1. Listen to your own voice and follow your heart.

It really means to listen to your own hearts’ desires. Do you really feel like working that full time job, or do you wanna start your own business? Do you wanna take that dance class? Or possibly ask that guy/girl you’ve always fancied out for dinner? I know, it can be scary to follow your own voice, but oh so fulfilling. Trust me! Risks is a part of life, and life truly happens outside of your comfort zone.

Most of the time it is easier to go along with society’s expectations of you and don’t think for yourself fully. In the end of life, the only things you’re gonna regret, are the things you dreamed of but never did. And so many people go down that path. But if you’ve really tried (doesn’t matter if it works out or not) then you can stand proud at the end of your time.

Let’s grab the opportunities while we have them, shall we? We live now! (And of course, it's always important to follow the health restrictions about health, crowds etc provided by the government.)

2. Add life to your days.

First, you gotta listen to yourself in order to add life to your days. Secondly, in a world full of ”musts” and ”should” as well as ”ought to” it can sometimes be difficult to find clarity.

So, take a break. Do something fun! Something you really enjoy doing. If it’s taking a walk, calling a friend, doing some painting, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to do something just for the sake of it being fun, not just productive.

Sure, even though all days cannot be awesome, we can for sure add more life to our days by doing the little things that matter to you in between everything else. And while you’re at it, try to be mindful of it. Feel how the air feels against your skin, really see your friend in front of you and feel the brushstrokes while you’re painting. Try to be fully present.

Like I said earlier, we just have one life! Of course there’s going to be boring stuff in it and tradgedies, but also try till fill it out with choices YOU have made and things YOU enjoy to do. If you realize you’re behind the steering wheel of you’re own life, chances are you’d be feeling different. And perhaps, if we’re lucky, panicking less when the unknown strikes.

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Emma Franzén
Emma Franzén
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