The Promise of Tomorrow

Burn brightly with Hope

Hope like faith is a promise, a yearn for a better tomorrow as we struggle through the journey from our past towards our future. Walking the unknown path step by step that leads us from yesterday to tomorrow.

The future, the unknown, we fear what we do not know, or can’t understand. Like looking at the darkest parts of ourselves as we peer into the Void full of what we don’t know. The darkness looking back at us as we stare into the void. We fear the unknown like an emptiness in our soul asking questions we cannot answer. Pulling us away from our comfort zones towards questions for which we have never been asked, places within ourselves where we have never looked. It forces us to not only take an in depth look at the world, but ourselves as well, our thoughts, beliefs, and motivations.

We see a question mark not as an invitation to explore and understand, but as something to fear. I understand there are many dangers ahead, both known and unknown, real and man made, familiar and foreign, but hope must guide us.

We feel a need to classify these unknowns, and place them in labels we create to feel safe in what little we know and understand about ourselves, and the world around us.

These labels, these invisible tags we place on people and places will only lead to ruin for us all. When we seek to define others out of fear we lock ourselves into our own definition of fear that does nothing but limit us.

People are people, we will make mistakes, and we will stumble, but we must never give up, never surrender to despair. We need to hope more, trust more in ourselves not to explain or control what we don’t know, but embrace it, navigating the vast ocean of void called the unknown.

Instead of building walls we need to learn to sail towards the wave, facing the unknown head on with courage, united together. Navigating the currents of time and space in which the future unfolds. Our sails made from the lessons of the past, and hard learned truths. The boat built by hand over decades of dreams by our ancestors. Handed down by the generations before us, the collective echo of our species.

Hope is the wind that propels us forward as we speed towards tomorrow, the echo calling us onward. It’s the oasis in the desert, the dream of new land on the vast ocean of fear. An ocean filled with doubt and apathy, each of us looking before us, hoping for the spark of light on the distant horizon.

Some fear that they will never see the sunrise on a new day, never feel that warmth of light on their skin. They sink into despair, apathy, or indifference while others drift along aimlessly beside them. They become hopeless beings creating more despair in a world in desperate need for more hope.

You should never despair for hope is in everyone, for everyone, it’s the little voice that urges us onwards despite everything around us. It gives us comfort, courage, and compassion as it urges us forward towards the dawn.

Some say that “to Hope is to doubt,” but I feel that “to Hope is to dream.” It’s important to Hope, it sustains us in the darkest times. It’s the last Bastion of light in the darkness, like a candle in the wind its spark ignites the flame that lights the path towards tomorrow.

Hope has given birth to revolutions of art, science, thought, and feeling. It has cured disease, defended Humanity and its fire burns within each of us. The fire of Hope that sweeps through the hearts of all those that believe. A beacon that calls us home towards tomorrow.

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

John Ames Birch

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John Ames Birch

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“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

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