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Having Haters is a good Thing - Use Haters As Fuel for Success

Haters gonna Hate

By Priya Sharma Published 4 years ago 3 min read

Haters love bringing others down. When you have reached a certain level of success or Happiness, You will certainly meet some people who aren’t happy with your success or your mental happiness. I guess it’s not a new thing to meet these kinds of people in your life. I've been facing this since college time. Sometimes it seems like they enjoy disturbing someone's mental peace.

“Learn to walk alone nobody is gonna hold your hand in your bad times”

So, What should you do when you meet a negative friend, co-worker, family member? Well, it depends on what kind of hater you are facing. Some are in passing phrases of negativity while others are habitual to ruin someone’s peace of mind.

Ways to use your Haters as fuel to success

1. Understand that you are doing things right.

Having Haters in your life is a sign that you are achieving a certain level of success. So if you have not accomplished anything, then nobody is going to pay attention or nobody notices but when you start doing things that make others jealous it means you are going on the right path. Use this sign as validation that you have been doing the right things.

You don’t have to feel bad for making decisions that may upset other people. Just keep that in mind that you are responsible for your happiness, not others.

2. Learn from their Pathetic attitude

Seeing the ways these people react negatively will make you feel disguised and demotivated in most of the situations the people are your knowns but this will teach you how to be more accepting of others. Instead of giving a reaction, you should move forward. You will develop empathy for what it’s like to receive this flak.

Learning from their attitude will probably make your thoughts more powerful that you should achieve more and learn to accept more pathetic people.

3. You are not their problem solver

Well, It’s not your job to make an unhappy person happy, you are responsible for your peace of mind. It’s like you can give your best and still fall short. If you see someone in pain you can give your advice if they are willing to listen and if not just walk away and leave them on their own.

4. Be more humble

There are certain moments that you can fight with them but don't buy into their negativity. You need to stay calm or you will end up wasting your energy on them which will lead to a fight and that’s the only thing they want you to do. So instead, trust your instinct and respond peacefully and walk away.

5. Hold your tongue

Responding angrily to a hater will increase negativity. So bear with your positivity and humbleness. Hold your tongue and listen, in the end, they will realize that you're not going to respond to them or you're not at their level of foolishness eventually they will give up. Learn not to react back or you will end up hurting yourself after replying to them. This might be difficult but this is the key to success or maintaining inner peace.

5. Use them to learn how to react in a conflict

Dealing with them will teach you how to be positive in a negative environment. And how to deal with bigger conflict in life you will face these kinds of issues often in life but all you need, Use this to learn how to react when you are in this kind of situation. Take little steps towards your success and you will start seeing haters but in the end, we all say “Haters gonna Hate” so why not let them be as they are and do your work instead of replying to them.

6. Appreciate your victories.

After accomplishing something after some people said that you can’t do it or you are not going to achieve this is a great feeling. You should be proud of what you can achieve throughout life. The achievement may not be big but you achieved it that is the thing. So appreciate your victories.

Hope you find it relatable and motivational for more blogs like this stay tuned. Take care


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