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by justicecoron huiopaser about a month ago in happiness
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Thank heaven and earth, thank fate, the world is wide and the road is rough, but as long as there is love and gratitude in your heart,

We will have good thoughts, ignite expectations and forge ahead towards a more perfect future. No one can live a better life

It's been smooth sailing.The heart of Thanksgiving is soft, because it measures and interprets things from the perspective of kindness and friendly posture

life; The heart of gratitude is gentle, because it can always feel the friendly message at the first time; Thanksgiving

The heart is the most beautiful, because it appreciates the people and things around it and shows compassion. The heart is cold, everything is silent.

The heart is beautiful, everything in the eyes is beautiful. Gratitude is not only a great philosophy of life, but also a great wisdom of life.

Gratitude is the foundation of love and kindness. Although we can't become perfect people, we often feel grateful to each other

Less can make your life more beautiful, fuller, happier and friendlier.

Thanksgiving is the lighthouse in the sea, which points out the moral direction to us; Thanksgiving is a green state in the desert, which gives

We look forward to the expectation of a perfect life. We believe that only those who know how to be grateful will find that the world is beautiful

How gorgeous and beautiful!

Gratitude turns into a butterfly. When you go on the road with gratitude, you will see sadness smiling at you and happiness waving to you.

The great poet Tagore once said that bees sip honey from flowers and thank them when they leave. The boastful butterfly looks like a butterfly

The letter flower should thank him.

Crows have the meaning of back feeding, sheep have the grace of kneeling and breast, and even animals know how to be grateful. Gratitude is the key to maintaining feelings

Belt is an invisible bridge between people.

Without sunshine, there will be no warm days; Without rain and dew, there will be no fruitful harvest and abundant grain after autumn

Deng; Without the source of life, there will be no thousands of lives. The earth will dry up and life will disappear.

Smile at life with gratitude, and life will repay you with kindness. The grass feels the kindness of the earth and gets its green and luxuriant;

Flowers feel the grace of rain, so they can get their beauty; If you feel your kindness, you will grow stronger.

The world is wonderful. The key is how you look at it. How do you feel.

When your eyes are dim, everything you see is filled with fog. When your heart is open-minded and your eyes are bright, look

The world is colorful. Always be grateful for flowers and plants. Even in the scorching sun, she didn't forget to bloom

Let go and be grateful for the shade of the tree. He still stands there to protect you from the rain and sun. Be grateful for every rise and fall of the tide,

Because it once supplied infinite energy. Be grateful for the harbor we live in and live in harmony.

British writer Thackeray said: life is a mirror, you laugh, it also smiles; If you cry, it cries too.

People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full and waning. Just like this poem, there are ten disappointments in life

There are eight or nine. Sadness, loss and hesitation are destined to run through our lifeline, if you care too much and tangle

Then you will always be trapped in the swamp and can't extricate yourself.

There is no plain sailing life. There are only calm and unhurried waves in the heart. If you complain, then

The world you see is not satisfactory everywhere. If you are grateful, many things will become a thing of the past. Inner continuity .Peace is our best thanks to life.

The blessings in life teach you to smile and be confident. Prosperity is emotion, adversity is mentality, but also vision and style


The ups and downs in life teach you to grow. Bravely deal with the difficult problems in life with your heart

People are stronger and know how to challenge and break through themselves, so as to realize the value of life and make life not wasted.

A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise, and a misfortune in disguise. Don't stick to the appearance of the problem,

Keep a clear mind and look at life quietly, so there is no need to draw a conclusion in a short time.

Xu also hides traps and turnaround. The ancient poem said: there is no doubt that there is no way, and there is another village with a bright future.

In daily life, many people often measure things by their personal gains and losses, and some people

All day for petty gain or joy or worry. However, because what people see is only the appearance of things, getting is not necessarily a blessing,

Loss doesn't have to be a disaster. When things turn sour, they turn sour. There will be no wisdom without setbacks, and there will be no wisdom without pay

It's hard to gain.

A failure is a holiday. Optimistic and open-minded people know how to enjoy the holiday without complaining about others, but

Will take advantage of this opportunity to recuperate their body and mind, calmly think about life, sum up experience, and resume after the holiday

There will be a new turn when we embark on the journey of life. Even when you encounter the worst situation, you should see life

There are unexpected opportunities hidden everywhere. If you calmly deal with the setbacks in life and persevere, you will be able to go

To the other side of the light.

Gratitude turns into a butterfly. When you go on the road with gratitude, you will see sadness smiling at you and happiness waving to you.


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