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Grant Cardone Told Me To Quit My Job

by Shannon Rose 2 months ago in success
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Why borrowing belief until you build your own is the secret to success according to this 7 Figure Female CEO.

Lezly D'Limi - Founder at Grounded Leadership and CEO at Talentko

Making it to the top has little to do with the number of followers you have, certificates on your wall or initials appearing before or after your name. Ultimately, these are distractions falsely separating the best from the rest in the entrepreneurial arena.

What really separates those who succeed apart from those who don’t, is a strong self-belief, and a deep desire to continue to bolster it. Belief is described as: ‘an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof’, ultimately demanding one to move with complete blind faith and trust that the outcome you seek will arrive.

So how does one cultivate the belief they need to turn the volume up on getting what they want?

“Surround yourself with people who believe in you more than you do in yourself.” - Gaby Natale

It has been said that you are the product of the people you surround yourself with, and according to Lezly D’Limi, CEO of Talentko and Founder of Grounded Leadership, the reason behind this phenomenon goes beyond the successful ways of your peers simply rubbing off on you. The crucial factor in fast-tracking your own success lies in surrounding yourself with people who believe in your abilities more than you do:

“Choose your people carefully, and only choose those who choose you back.” she says

Often, the people who know us well and encourage us to move beyond our own limitations, see something within us that we are incapable of seeing. And more often than not, they are absolutely on the money when they push us to stretch ourselves. Think back to a time or situation when you doubted yourself, but dared to do it anyway after being told “you can do this!”. Maybe it was your family, your friends or your sports coach. Chances are you surprised yourself and achieved more than you thought you could. And chances are, those people championing you were less surprised, because they knew all along that you had it in you.

What you did to step out of your comfort-zone is what Lezly calls ‘borrowing belief’ - using someone else’s belief in you, when you don’t believe in yourself. And it’s how you can begin to create the building blocks required to cultivate your own unshakable self-belief, and set yourself apart from the pack.

So before you look at others who are doing what you want to do, or have the things that you want, and think “I wish I had what they have”, you might instead ask yourself; “who can I get in my corner to give me the encouragement and confidence to go after my dreams?”

And here’s the kicker: you don’t even have to know those people.

Lezly enlisted the help of someone beyond her circle of peers, and went straight to one of the biggest guns in the game of entrepreneurship, Grant Cardone! Well, virtually anyway:

“I started listening to as many of Grant Cardone’s podcasts and audiobooks as I could, until I gained the belief and confidence to go on this journey of entrepreneurship. I’ve never met him or spoken to him, but his work spoke to me. Through his work, he told me to quit my job and start a business.”

If you think your chips are down, take a page from Lezly’s book, and start here:

Borrow belief from a Mentor: hand over your control and trust what and when they can see something you cannot. Move on it and allow their belief in you to fuel the actions you need to take next. When done repeatedly, you will rewire old self-limiting beliefs for the new empowering ones.

Consume motivational and inspirational content, and practice using it through visualization. Joe Dispenza talks about the importance of using visualization to integrate what you are learning today, so that you are ready when a scenario arrives that demands new ways of being, acting and thinking. This way, you will already have those beliefs rewired.

Regular intentional thought work: emphasizing the previous two points, knowing the specific belief that you want to build, write it down, get clear on it and feel the emotion it generates within your body. Invest 5-15mins per day on writing down that specific belief or speaking it out loud, connect with it, visualize who you are with it hard wired and feel the emotion it evokes.

When these 3 steps are completed repeatedly, within a 3 month period of conscious commitment, you will have become a person who has done away with distractions and now dances on the stage of real entrepreneurship.

We can’t all be gifted with unshakeable belief in ourselves, and the truth is, almost no-one starts out with that kind of confidence. It’s something that is built over time, through the cumulative effect of every little victory stacked on top of one another.

The good news that Lezly and so many other successful people are here to share, is that you can begin establishing that right now, simply by borrowing belief in yourself from those who are where you want to be. Whether it is in person, or virtually.

Move beyond the need to fill your wall with another certificate and choose unrivalled self-belief coupled with passion and commitment to fulfilling your ultimate vision. That energy is all-conquering, and when you choose your mentors wisely - whether they know you or not - and listen to their words of support, you’ll instantly find yourself in the arena playing ball with the big guns.

If you need to borrow Lezly’s Mentor, Grant Cardone, go for it!


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Shannon Rose

Shannon is s steward for bold and embodied voices to be heard on fresh stages through her mentoring and writing. Her words have appeared in USA Today + many many more! Here, lush lives and thriving businesses permeate. Lets walk tall.

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