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by Sunday Gracia 10 months ago in self help
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I love to create things. I always have. From short stories to songs, to art pieces and inventions, to videos and construction projects. I've always liked the satisfaction of making something that will survive long after I'm gone. At some point in the future, my story will make a difference.

However, I have never had connections, and being in the faith and having been around many well known people, I was aware of the many abuses that go on. So I never approached anyone with the motive to use them. I never sought to be famous. Only to do what I love.

The journey has been winding and sometimes long suffering, but there is a point you reach where you begin to realize you are running out of time. And you are powerless to pause it. So I've decided I will pour out everything I can in the next 5 to 10 years. All of it with a positive and encouraging spin. Doing so is indeed what is bringing me peace in tumultuous times, both personally and publicly.

I was married for ten years; mostly good. But rough patches come. One of them we didn't survive. It's hard when institutions do dirty work. That's a story for another time. But while in the threshold of this separation and not being able to play and cuddle my children, I retreated to my gift of songwriting and recording. Remembering all the good things and mixing it with the hope of things to come, and summizing it into one song takes thought. Singing it without crying was very difficult. But after some prayer and meditation, I finally gathered myself together and created my one and only country single, "Daddy Don't Go."

Now, rock is my home, but I felt it important to make it how I felt it, and country came out. I didn't listen to anything that could influence it. I simply sang. Then I added the guitar. Then I worked on the bridge and I knew I had something special.

When my first born girl was barely a year old, she was starting to say words. I never really heard her say much of anything. But one day, she said a whole phrase. We were living in Tulahoma Tennessee, and I was going out the door to work. It had snowed outside. I went to kiss my wife goodbye, and as I was leaving, she jumped off her bed and ran toward me saying, "Daddy don't go, daddy. No, don't go, don't go, daddy." I got down and looked at her in her eyes and said, "Don't worry. I'll be back. Everything is going to be alright."

That conversation was the chorus to the song. And it starts like this:

The smile on her face

When she held each one

And the love in me overwhelmed me as I stood right there undone

I remember the day

When I heard my first born talk

She didn't hesitate she ran to me with sincerity in her heart

And now her words stay,

And I can hear her say

Daddy don't go

I'm gonna need you down the road

To hold my hands and play in the snow

And toss me up high

Daddy don't go

I'm gonna need you a little more

And as I grow you can show me

How to live right

Daddy dont go

Daddy dont go

The rest you can listen to it for yourself.

If no one will ever hear it, it matters not. One day I hope my babies will hear it and know that I love them and miss them very much. That finality of it all; that gives me peace by Yeshua's grace.

Now, I do have a few specific processes for creating. When it comes to songs, first, I think of a phrase of focus; the thing I want to stress or emphasize. Afterward, I build on that either chronologically or intertwining it based on detail importance. Then I work out syllablization, rhyming, and chord progression. I perform it through a number of times to perfect it. Finally, I am ready to create the final masterpiece.

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